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Welcome to Surigao del Norte

Surigao del Norte (Filipino:Hilagang Surigaw) is a province of the Philippines located in the Caraga region in Mindanao. Its capital is Surigao City. The province consists of two major islands—Siargao Island, and Bucas Grande Island—in the Philippine Sea, and a small region at the northernmost tip of the island of Mindanao.

Political Subdivisions

The province is made up of twenty (20) municipalities, one (1) city and three hundred thirty five (335) barangays.


The Surigaonon is basically of rich Malay stock with a sprinkling of Chinese, Japanese and Arab blood. Glints of European and American culture could also be identified in the Surigaonon culture. The province has a population of roughly 450,000, and it is hard to distinguish accurately the lines between stocks. During the later periods, migrants from Luzon and Visayas flocked to the province in a hope for greener pastures. Inspired by the "gold rush", they decided to permanently settle here. This resulted to intermarriages with the natives.

The people are peace-loving and gentle. The favorable climate makes them non-temperamental. They have the humor of the Visayan, the frugality of the Ilocano, and the other traits that still surface. All of which are inherited from their forebears who ventured into this part of the archipelago.

Some 95 percent speak Surigaonon as a major dialect.

Influences of the Cebuano and Boholano dialects with a Tausug accent can be traced. A few percentage speak Samar-Leyte and Tagalog. Majority are able to speak English.

The people are predominantly Roman Catholic, Spain's lasting legacy. The rest of the population are Aglipayans, Protestants and other religions.


The province has one of the Philippines’ ethnic tribes-the Mamanwas. Surigao City’s Bonok-Bonok Festival depicts the merry making of these native folks as sign of gratitude to their pagan gods for a bountiful harvest and good wealth.

The Provincial Government in cooperation with the private sector is working for the preservation of cultural artifacts. A collection of ancient archeological diggings like burial coffins jars and antique Chinese Kitchen wares unearthed in Panhutungan, Placer is on public display at the Surigaonon Heritage Mini-Museum located at the Surigao City Boulevard.


Mangrove is the major theme in the coastal areas of the province. The salt-water loving trees form interminable marine forests covering 14,162 hectares along the coasts of the mainland and the islands of Siargao and Bucas Grande. There are still marine ecosystems like the lush seagrass beds and coral reefs which are relatively healthy and intact, supporting a rich diversity of marine flora and fauna.

Many who are interested in game fishing and spearfishing will enjoy its bountiful seas along the tuna route. Over 23 different species are caught the whole year round. Marlin, tuna, lapu-lapu, mollusks, crabs, even squids, stingrays and octopuses can be bought fresh and cheap from the fish vendors and fishermen.

The province has many caves and tunnels in its islands. Some are half-submerged in water most of the time and can be accessed only during low tides like the Sohoton Cave at Bucas Grande Island.

Its biggest islands are usually mountainous and rich in minerals. Nonoc Island has one of the world’s largest deposits of nickel. The smaller ones either rest on sand and gravel or have a limestone base bonded by boulders, reefs and sandbars. Some islets like those in Del Carmen in Siargao Island are actually nothing more than a cluster of rock formations jutting out from the sea crowned with shrubs and coconut trees. There are also springs, lagoons, caves, waterfalls, mangroves, marshes and whirlpools which are more appealing to all nature lovers.


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