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An Appeal to all the Readers

It has never been easier to become a blog author of surigaotoday.blogspot.com - the web can make instant publishers of us all. There are plenty of places on surigaotoday.blogspot.com’s blog where you can say what you think.

For the past weeks hot topics posted on the blog included the issue on surveys, Vice Mayor Cocoy Sering’s plan to run for Mayor in the city, Mga Kalandarakas sa Media ug uban pa.

Sa kadaghan na nagcomment it is not surprising that a few postings on the blog have given cause for concern. I found out there were some irresponsible comments made. One reader complained about personal attacks directed to all the media in Surigao. Naa pay uban sa mga pulitiko. Grabe na sab, ‘below the belt na an ijo mga comments.’

If you have personal grudges sa jaon na mga tawo, adto kaw sa proper na authority mureklamo.

I know we have a freedom of speech and expression but I would like to make an appeal to you guys, be responsible! Daghan an naigo, hamok na an nasakit sa ijo mga comments. Anonymous comments and comments with foul and offensive language are now not allowed. Pagpakilaya kamo para maklaro.

The blogger reserves the right to delete inappropriate comments. Salamat.


هناك تعليقان (2):

غير معرف يقول...

I agree.

But this is democratic country and I think criticisms that is constructive and trying to search for possible reforms in the way normal and sound minded people should be.

Well, the media only reflects or mirror the kind of society we had, it doesn't need to have a right venue to discuss what are their animosities.

If we are society of "show me yours and I will show you mine" and we think that is a general norm then something is wrong with us.

I pray you will continue Mr. Blog owner to publish what is only right and that impart constructive criticisms.

We are not searching for a perfect society, what we want and I know you will also agree is that the future of our generations (we mean our children) are not being ass holed because of our ineptness to declare what is right or wrong.

At the end of the day, we all face our maker and there you can say right straight smack on his face, 'I have done my part Oh Lord",

Thank you for giving me the opportunity Mr. Blog owner May God Bless Surigao and Caraga Region!


غير معرف يقول...

Tinuod gajod mga personal na kayugot ...dli na angay i public..tapos mamalikas pa gajod..
Thanks..ra kan sa moderator..God Bless Us All. Mabuhay an Surigao!!Maayong Fiesta sa TANAN:

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