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RORO port spurs economic activity in extreme southern part of Panaon Island

With President Gloria Macapagal Arroyos’ inauguration of the Benit RORO Port, the hinterland town of San Ricardo will metamorphose from being a sleepy town at the extreme southern part of Panaon Island, to a town bustling with economic activities.

“You see, even the President is smiling,” an elderly official said. “That is a good sign that this facility will bring in many economic activities,” he added.

Looking at the Ocean King II vessel approaching the port, a beautiful poster-like vision is seen.

A happy and smiling President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo waved at the big crown waiting for her at the Benit Port at San Ricardo, Southern Leyte on Wednesday, April 15.

After the 500 passengers led by President Arroyo, followed by several cabinet secretaries and dignitaries, alighted and smilingly acknowledged greeting from well wishers, a big Bachelor Tours Bus was rolled in from the ocean vessel.

San Ricardo which has a population of about 10,000 people is a fifth class municipality. With the opening of the RORO Port, the local government officials are optimistic that many economic activities will result.

With the opening of the Roro Port, people of San Ricardo and Southern Leyte will be able to bring their produce to Mindanao via Surigao City and the merchants from Surigao will be able to bring their wares to Southern Leyte via San Ricardo.

After the President entered the terminal building, an local old lady was overheard exclaiming how happy she was to see in person President Arroyo, “but I will wait for her departure because I would like to shake her hand.”

The same comments were heard during lunch. A provincial official was saying excitedly
that the President “is more cute in person, but I will seat near the aisle so that I could shake her hands when she goes out.”

The President’s coming is a special and historical event to this hinterland town.

As gathered from the reactions of the local people, the President’s visit is a magic that inspires the people to work harder and really thank the President for her countless support to the municipality and its people.

As the President and other guests took a bus-ride to Liloan Port, people, young and old eagerly lined up in the streets to get a glimpse of the President.

The primitive name of San Ricardo, Southern Leyte was “Inulinan “, which is the local term for the stern of rear part of a boat, as the town is located at the extreme southern part of Panaon Island which resembles a boat.

It was established in 1865 with Pintuyan as the Poblacion.

San Ricardo replaced Inulilan after the name of the first Capitancillo.

In a report of Radyo ng Bayan, the creation of the new Strong Republic Nautical Highway reduces travel time.

Before, travelers in Surigao City who are bound for Leyte will have to endure a four hour trip to Lilo-an.

With the RORO ports set up in San Ricardo, the trip has been reduced to one and half hours. (PIA -8)


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