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30 NPA Rebels in Fresh Encounter Anew with Surigao Cops, Soldiers; Scores Wounded

Some 30 communist rebels encountered anew joint operatives of the 30th Infantry Battalion, Philippine Army headed by certain 1Lt. Punongbayan and Bacuag, Surigao del Norte Police headed by its Chief of Police P/Insp. Mariano Lukban Thursday in Barangay Camboayon, Bacuag, Surigao del Norte.

Bacuag Police in their report to Surigao del Norte Police Provincial Office here said the communist rebels were under Front Committee 16 that operates within Claver and Alegria towns covering at least five municipalities of Surigao del Norte.

Joint military and police reports claimed firefight lasted for ten minutes where the communist rebels suffered casualties that were dragged by their comrades as evidenced by bloodstains when they scampered for safety leaving a baby armalite, two claymore mines, hand grenade and three rifle grenades.

They claimed the fleeing rebels left improvised explosive device, paraphernalias, voluminous subversive documents and their personal belongings.

They added that there were no casualties in government side but scores wounded among NPA rebels.

The report also claimed hot pursuit operations were being made by the government troopers.

Earlier, the New People’s Army claimed the military and police reports were mostly exaggerated and were meant only for propaganda purposes claiming they couldn’t even show body counts.

Civil society wanted an end of what they described as “money making conflict” saying the communist rebels make money from getting protection money form illegal loggers, illegal miners in the hinterlands and legitimate mining and logging firms including business establishments thus it is “rebels without cause” or “zero ideology” after all.

While government troopers spend millions of hard-earned taxpayers money unaccounted much worst go to waste as it is also source of corruption and milking cow of promotions.

The Philippine Insurgency woes is the longest insurgency conflict not only in Asia but in the World today. (BS, Mindanao.com)

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