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CEBU FERRY 2 - THE NEW CEBU FERRIES VESSEL; To Serve Surigao - Cebu route

Cebu Ferries is proud to introduce to their customers their new vessel “Cebu Ferry 2” which is now on service Cebu to Butuan 3x a week and Cebu to Ormoc 5x a week.

It has a passenger capacity of 892 and cargo capacity of 40teus. It runs a maximum speed of 16.5 knots.

Same with other Cebu Ferries vessels the customers will experience the most comfortable trip with Cebu Ferry 2 because of its clean passenger accommodations, accommodating vessel crews and vessel facilities that will suit the customers’ needs.

Cebu Ferries continues to look for ways that will service the majority of the riding public of Visayas and Mindanao areas.

One good news from Cebu Ferries; they will again be on service in Surigao City. Schedule to be announced soonest.

Surigao City is blessed with abundant mineral reserves, fisheries and aquatic resources, and tracts of fertile arable lands, which are the primary sources of its people's livelihood.

Surigao’s location in the coast offered enough opportunities to enjoy its wide array of beaches ranging from white, grayish-sandy to the gravel smooth pebbled ones, as well as other places of interest. Its outlying islands fronting the Pacific further augment the fun and adventure, especially surfing.


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