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Taganaan Vice Mayoralty Candidate Died, 2 Suspects Already Identified

Wilberto Suanco Origenes, Brgy Captain of Barangay Aurora, Taganaan, Surigao del Norte victim of shooting incident on December 29, 2009 died around 11:45 in the evening on December 31at Surigao Medical Center while being confined.

Origenes sustained three gun shot wounds on his chest when at 7 in the evening on December 29, he was shot by an unidentified suspect inside his home and immediately fled to unknown direction onboard a single motorcycle as the get away vehicle along with another man who was seen waiting right outside the house of the victim believed to be a back-up.

As a result of continuous investigation conducted by Surigao del Norte Police Provincial Task Force Origenes, two suspects were identified as alias “Intsek” and Alias “Waray” but their true names are yet to be confirmed.

Witnesses revealed that prior to the incident; the suspects were seen eating at VN Bakery/Store adjacent to Origenes’ residence.

Another witness disclosed that the suspects rented a room owned by a certain Dolly Ponio more or less 1OO meters away from the victim’s house.

Appropriate charges are being prepared by Surigao del Norte PPO against the suspects to be filed in court after holidays.

Origenes family believed that the incident is politically motivated but refused to elaborate.

Running mate of Origenes is incumbent Vice Mayor Sally Bulak under Abante Surigao Party who reportedly supported the Barbers.

Vicente Beberino Jr. who is the running mate of Taganaan incumbent Mayor Cesar Diaz under the Partidong Padayon of Surigao del Norte Congressman Guillermo Romarate is Origenes’ strong contender in the May 2010 elections. (mindanao.com)

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