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Surigaonon boxer joins in PBF title fight in Maasin August 16

The City of Maasin in Southern Leyte will host a Philippine Boxing Federation (PBF) featherweight title fight between defending champion Adonis Aguello of Maasin versus Victor Man-on of Bohol.

Supporting bouts include Jun Ferando of Maasin versus Tata Ricablanca of Surigao in an eight round flyweight bout and Jimbert Lamoste of Maasin versus Robert Awitin of Bohol in a four round bantamweight fight.

This boxing event billed as MAKALINGAWNG AWAY SA ANNIBERSARYO SA MAASIN is presented by the Maasin City local govt. and the Maasin City Sports Council headed by Mayor Maloney Samaco and promoted by Rex “Wakee” Salud International Boxing Promotions. Fight day is on August 16 at the Maasin City Gym.

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غير معرف يقول...

I'm one of the well-known resort owners in Siargao Island but I'm not going to tell you exactly who I am due to the fact that I don't want to create problems with anyone.I just wish to share my disapoointments. It's totally true that the municipal people" the siargao political people" are so corrupt, no correct political ethics, thier major concern right now is who invites them to DRINKING and if you have money to hand on under the table, then you can do everything. Good projects are suspended because of thier crab like mentallity, no regulations of transport fairs " as transport are exaggeratedly the most expensive of all over the Philippines, as for the investors, they'll treat you like shit in here, even to the fact that you'll create jobs and so you'll bring food to the tables of the locals-- No protection from the government in here for the investors. No plans for tourism development because even if the National Government has set some budget for improvements, it will always shamelessly eaten up by some politician who only cares for his pocket. So it's no wonder investors are started packing up and tourist are shying away from this island. If no one will do something, then we'll be back to the Top 10 poorist Provinces of the Entire Philippines List, so congratulations to you all.

غير معرف يقول...

corruption. corruption.. who is going to listen and solve this problem. ? the department of tourism or somebody who is after the welfare of the people of siargao island ?. it is a shame. cause this will deter potential tourist in coming to siargao island .

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