Position Title : Local Conflict Transformation Expert
Duty Station : Surigao del Norte and Dinagat Province
Engagement Date : As Soon As Possible
Term of employment : Fixed Term of Two to Three ( 2-3 ) years

In pursuant to the agreement between the SUNGCOD Incorporated and the GIZ – Civil Peace Service (CPS) the engagement of the Local Peace Expert will be based on the following criteria, and shall undergo a process as mandated in the signed contract.The selection process shall be approved by the SUNGCOD BOT and facilitated by the Executive Director in coordination with the CPS Volunteer.

The Local Peace Expert will be engage primarily responsible and accountable for providing overall assistance and support to SUNGCOD’s conflict transformation and peace-building program and projects. Further, the Local Peace Expert shall also signify his / her intention to reside or be based in Surigao City or in any accessible area within the Province of Surigao del Norte.

Proposed Job Description :

1. Coordinate conflict transformation efforts in the SUNGCOD Area of Operations, under the supervision of the Executive Director and assisted by the GIZ – CPS Volunteer,
2. Support project staff in carrying out mediation and conflict mitigation efforts and provide subsequent reporting on said efforts,
3. Coordinate trainings and other community-based activities related / pertaining to conflict transformation efforts, and provide manuals and other packaged references,
4. Support the international expert in facilitating and preparing capacity building workshops for SUNGCOD staff and partner organizations,
5. Assist in strengthening SUNGCOD internal and external networks with national and international Peace-building organizations and institutions,
6. Assist the GIZ-CPS Expert in improving SUNGCOD PR work, and provide regular press releases and other information on SUNGCOD Work,
7. Maintain and regularly update SUNGCOD Data Base on Conflict Transformation and Network Information, and
8. Provide regular reports and information to the SUNGCOD Executive Director on all program / project related activities.

Desirable Qualifications:

1. Have at least a working experience in conflict resolution and related processes,
2. Can communicate fluently in English and Bisaya,
3. Have at least a BA degree, preferably in political science, peace and conflict studies or related subjects, or relevant work experience,
4. Have adequate experience with PR work particularly in the NGO sector,
5. Willing to travel frequently to remote destinations,
6. Have working knowledge of civil conflict transformation methodology,
7. Have working knowledge on IP issues and concerns in the Caraga region,
8. Have experience in participatory community development,
9. Have adequate knowledge Sustainable Development, CRM, NIPAS, RA 8550, Land Use Act, IPRA Law and related subjects, and
10. Requires limited supervision and adept to participatory and team work.

Women and members of IP communities as well as recent university graduates with relevant interning or volunteering experience are highly encouraged to apply. The position will be working closely with an international expert therefore offering possibilities for learning about international CT practices.

Interested Individuals may contact the SUNGCOD Inc. Main Office for more details:

SUNGCOD Incorporated or
Tel / Fax : (086) 826-1455
e-mail address : sungcodinc@yahoo.com


Algelyn Estobo
Admin Assistant
CP No. 09153815910

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