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Mayor Nitoy lauds solons, public support for successful Festival, Charter Day celebrations

By: Ben Serrano

Surigao City Mayor Ernesto "Nitoy" Matugas, Jr. lauded efforts by Congressmen Matugas-Romarate partnership for progress in not only gracing celebrations of the 41st Charter Day and the Bonok-Bonok Festival but all supporting all the City activities.

Congressman Francisco Tinio Matugas is House Representative member of the Surigao del Norte's First District while Rep. Guillermo Romarate, Jr. is Surigao del Norte's Second Congressional District representative.

The Surigao City Chief Executive however also thanked the public and private sectors’ all out support for the two celebrations saying it could not have been successful if there were no cooperation from all sectors in Surigao City.

Mayor Matugas lauded efforts and financial support extended by the Provincial Government of Surigao del Norte through Governor Sol Matugas in extending prizes for the Bonok-Bonok Festival.

“With all humility and deepest gratitude coming from my heart Thank you for all your support it wouldn’t had been that successful if you have not extended all your best and efforts for the 12-day celebrations, Salamat Karajaw!” Mayor Matugas told Governor Matugas and Congressmen Matugas and Romarate and wife Board Member Myrna Romarate.

Mayor Matugas also attributed the peaceful celebrations to the police and military and all Surigaonons while also thanking them for the efforts and all out support.

“We are what we are in the traits we have shown, it is that inner character searching for peace not trouble, searching for harmony not pride, and reject despise, intrigues and lies and most importantly showing our care and trust for our fellowmen that make Surigaonons different from the others” Mayor Matugas added.

Matugas is hopeful that the next celebrations will be grander and grandest of all festivals Surigao City had in previous years.

“Actually it is not me neither the City Council that is lead actors here it is the people of Surigao City that made Bonok-Bonok and 41st Charter celebrations successful, we pray that the spirit will continue” Mayor Nitoy concludes. (PNA/ Ben Serrano)

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