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Ryan Gosling in Siargao?

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A rumor about Hollywood actor Ryan Gosling spotted surfing in Siargao Island was making the Twitter world abuzz yesterday. Even celebrities were tweeting about it. Here's an article from Manila Bulletin:

Actor Ryan Gosling rumored to be surfing in Siargao 

MANILA, Philippines – Rumors about Hollywood actor Ryan Gosling spotted surfing in Siargao on Dec. 6 have sent the micro blogging site Twitter and its numerous users a-buzz.

Kapuso actress Maxene Magalona asked for someone to confirm the news through her account (@maxenemagalona), “Is it true? Ryan Gosling is here in the Philippines, surfing in Siargao?? #trueorfalse help!!!

Media personality Patty Laurel posted on her account (@pattylaurel), “Ryan Gosling is in the Philippines?!? Where?!? How come I was NOT informed?!?!”

While actor Ping Medina (@pingmedina), urged the starry-eyed ladies to hop on a plane and head to the Surfing Capital of the Philippines ASAP to see the star.

“Ryan Gosling surfing in Surigao? Haha. Go na mga mga fangirls. Not a fanboy yet because I haven't seen Drive and The Notebook,” he posted.

Followed by a jest, “Girls... If Ryan Gosling is in Surigao, try not to 'laglag panty' while surfing Okay?”

Twitter user Lyndee Cantos (@cholericdiva) opted to ask ABS-CBN reporter Gretchen Fullido to confirm the veracity of the rumor.

“@gretchenfullido is it true that Ryan Gosling is in the Philippines? surfing somewhere in Siargao…,” posted Cantos.

The “Drive” actor’s name is currently on the sixth spot of the top trending topics in the country. However, the rumor is yet to be confirmed as of this writing.

Recall that June this year, rumors of Hollywood A-List couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt visiting in the country to promote the latter’s indie film circulated. And August this year, “Titanic” star Leonardo DiCaprio was supposed to be brought to the country by a high profile PR company. However, both rumors turned out to be false—much to the fans’ chagrin.

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