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Recruitment consultant warns of recruitment scam by a Surigao engineer

Emmanuel S. Geslani
A recruitment and migration expert warned the public today of a recruitment scam being perpetrated by a Surigao engineer who has a construction company in Kandahar,Afghanistan.

Emmanuel S. Geslani, spokesman for the Filipinos in Afghanistan who was instrumental in helping 8,000 OFWs in Afghanistan lifting the partial ban for OFWs  said today in a media statement that a certain Mac Roymon Cubelo and Rotchelle Calle owners of RmR a construction company inside Kandahar Airfield were recruiting workers from the province of Surigao for deployment to Afghanistan.

The Ronco consulting office at KAF has already blacklisted RmR for bringing in 30 workers from the Philippines and Dubai in 2011 and January this year and not paying them proper wages or none at all.

The aggrieved workers have complained to the Military Police and investigated the matter bringing the results to Ronco which is the company hired by the US Military to issue identification cards inside the base.

Geslani said that several workers have already returned to the country and have filed charges of illegal recruitment and estafa against Cubelo and Calle. The rest of the group are expected to return to the Philippines as their badges/IDs have been cancelled by Ronco and they are not allowed to stay inside the base anymore.

Cubelo was learned to be recruiting workers from Surigao supposedly to add manpower to his projects however it was learned that he was not awarded new projects inside the base and is now blacklisted in vying for new projects.

Five of ten OFWs who recently arrived from Afghanistan have formally filed charges of illegal recruitment and estafa against the owners of a construction company in Kandahar Airfield, a US base in Afghanistan at the NBI operations center the operating arm of the IACAT (Inter-Agency Council Against Trafficking)

The five namely Juanito Sofietes, Jericho Abaya, Wilmar Aldovino, Jennifer Abaya,  and Tommy Lobaton who were recruited by RmR, a Filipino construction company operating inside KAF sought the help of the IACAT through Emmanuel Geslani, spokesman for the Filipinos in Afghanistan for the alleged illegal recruitment activities of Mac Roymon Cubelo and Rothchelle Calle who enticed them to work for RmR a company accredited by the US Military Command to bid for projects of the US base.

According to the five they were recruited in the Philippines July 2011 by Rotchelle and were promised jobs inside the base for salaries ranging from $ 1,000-1,500 USD however they had to pay $ 2,500 USD each as placement fee for this opportunity to work in Afghanistan.

After paying the agreed amount the five were left Manila as tourist workers escorted through the BID and using visit visas for Dubai the five were flown inside the giant US base in KAF as workers for RmR.

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