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Surigao dock workers strike over benefits, illegal termination

Photo by Francis Tom A. Paredes
By Francis Tom A. Paredes

SURIGAO CITY (Nov. 8) - Members of Surigao Dock Labor Union (SDLU) picketed the Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) gate yesterday morning over unpaid benefits and illegal termination of their colleagues.

The strike has caused the PPA gate impassable and the cancellation of RORO trip bound for Dapa.
SDLU Local President Artiquio Alciso Jr. said they staged a strike in front of their company, Prudential Customs Brokerage Services, Inc. (PCBSI) because they wanted to settle the unresolved issues and grant all the benefits due them.

"Unprovided benefits, re-employment of terminated employees, stopping of PCBSIs deceptions are the reasons for our strike now," Alciso Jr. said.

Alciso said that until now all their benefits like wages, vacation leave, sick leave, hospitalization, medicines are still not provided by the management. “It has been three years already now but the PCBSI management are still fond of making promises to us, they did not give importance to us."

A negotiation between the management and the workers was scheduled yesterday afternoon to settle the issue.

“If we could agree with the PCBSI management to resolve this then our strike will end but if not, our strike will continue. PCBSI management should listen to us so that this problem will end," Alciso added.

SDLU is an affiliate of the National Federation of Labor Unions (NAFLU), a federation of Kilusang Mayo Uno. (FTAP)

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