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Surigao's Rotaract Club, other youth orgs organize 'Give Blood, Give Life' blood letting activity

By: FTAParedes
RACMS PP, MIFSA Organizer, UPS Member

SURIGAO DEL NORTE - Several youth organizations in Surigao City converged recently for a blood letting activity dubbed “Give Blood, Give Life” at the Surigao State College of Technology (SSCT) quadrangle.

The Rotaract Club of Metro Surigao(RACMS) - young Rotarians, headed its President Vanessa Dianne K. Pecho and SSCT’s Supreme Student Government (SSG) headed by President Jeroshie P. Rudela in cooperation with the Marajaw Inter-Fraternity and Sorority Association Surigao City Council (MIFSA) led by President Rafaelito Agra of Alpha Phi Omega (APO), Surigao Searchers Spareparts Specialist and  Serviam General Merchandise owned by Martin Cafe, and the Philippine Red Cross – Surigao del Norte Chapter (PRC-SDNC) led by Dr. Romarico M. Trinidad and Mrs. Almejoy P. Sadangsa organized and facilitated the activity held last Friday, November 23, 2012 from 8:00am to 5:00pm.

Pecho, who is also a barangay Taft councilor, revealed that they are very much concerned with the increasing rate of dengue cases in Brgy. Taft and in the entire city, “that is why we are moved to participate in this humanely endeavour ‘Give Blood, Give Life VIS-MIN Bloodletting Campaign of the Rotaract Club.’”

Rudela, for his part, said that they have already included this activity in their annual plan, “we have already allocated a budget of Php. 1,500.00 for this. This activity has been conducted twice a year by the SSG since 2007 in cooperation with the MIFSA and PRC-SDN.”

“When the RACMS conducted a meeting last November 17, 2012 at the President’s residence, we, the SSG, are informed and invited to be one of the partners for this activity so we immediately and positively responded,” Rudela added.

It was learned that the first person to donate blood during the activity was Quirino Bandayon, an SSCT Admin Staff. “This is my 17th blood donation, I feel good and active after I donate, though I eat consciously and stopped smoking and drinking for how many years already, donating blood completes my good health maintenance because I know I have helped those who are in need of blood, I even donated blood for late Allan Perez, son of my colleague who died from leukaemia.”

Juan Carlos Canton, 12-year-member of UPSILON PHI SIGMA, said the first time he donated blood was when the SEC UPSILONIANS organized a Mass Bloodletting Activity last 2002 in their campus. “Although, I am not an active donor but I am an UPSILONIAN, an active organization in bloodletting activity organizing as recognized and awarded by the Philippine Red Cross – Surigao del Norte Chapter in their 7th Chapter Biennial Assembly last 2010 held at the Surigao City Cultural Center. Donating blood saves life that is why I appreciated our organization’s annual endeavour. And now, here I am donating for the second time with the RACMS and MIFSA.”

Rebecca M. Labayan, BSHRM Student of SSCT said, “this is my first time to donate blood, I feel nervous and happy at the same time because I could save life if my blood pass the examinations and will be transfused to one who needs it.”

“Technically, this life saving endeavour would benefit the donor, his or her system will be cleansed, their blood will be regenerated and it will make the donor feel good. Socially, they could help others who are in need or will be needing blood,” said Dr. Trinidad of PRC-SDN, who is also a Rotarian.

The 16th blood donor is the MIFSA Vice-President Mark C. Villanueva, RACMS President Pecho donated her blood as the 20th donor, and SSG Vice-President Harry A. Sabandal as the 36th donor.

The event ended with 48 bags of blood donated by the following donors:

  1. Bandayon, Quirino Jr. G. – “B” type – SSCT Admin Staff
  2. Canton, Juan Carlos F. – “O” type – UPSILON PHI SIGMA Member
  3. Escozano, Aldin L. – “B” Type
  4. Morales, Robert S. – “O” Type
  5. Marinanque, Welvin V. – “O” Type
  6. Celeste, Kent O. – “B” Type
  7. Odron, Christian R. – “O” Type
  8. Cortes, Noel Jr. D. – “O” Type
  9. Glico, Abner T. – “B” Type
  10. Castro, Francis A. – “O” Type
  11. Salibay, Ian Diaz – “A” Type
  12. Caracol, Marwin M. – “AB” Type
  13. Degorio, Rod G. – “AB” Type
  14. Gastador, Junal S. – “B” Type
  15. Labayan, Rebecca M. – “A” Type – SSCT BSHRM Student
  16. Villanueva, Marc C. – “O” Type – MIFSA Vice - President
  17. Pelenio, Jonbert A. – “B” Type
  18. Pullos, Joe Nikka N. – “O” Type
  19. Legaspi, Conrado A. – “B” Type
  20. Pecho, Vanessa Dianne K. – “A” Type – RACMS President and Brgy. Taft Councilor
  21. Sumabay, Reggie P. – “B” Type
  22. Romano, Junjie M. – “B” Type
  23. Gipal, Kathrena B. – “B” Type
  24. Paredes, Francis Tom A. – “O” Type – UPSILON PHI SIGMA, RACMS, JCI, CFC, KofC, Trise Discipulus,
  SRC Member and MIFSA Surigao City Council Organizer
  1. Salinas, Jasmine B. – “O” Type – RACMS BOD PUBLIC Service and Brgy. IPIL Councilor
  2. Sila, Jemmy Jr. O. – “O” Type
  3. Dolor, Mecille B. – “O” Type
  4. Mayagma, Johny Cris M. – “O” Type
  5. Plandano, Edgie G. – “O” Type
  6. Maglasana, Rizalito R. – “O” Type
  7. Gelsano, Mark Allen S. – “A” Type
  8. Castillo, Leonides Angelo A. – “B” Type
  9. Omietin, Jonathan D. – “B” Type
  10. Balmora, Juntev C. – “O” Type
  11. Sutana, glenn Mark F. – “A” Type
  12. Sabandal, Harry A. – “O” Type – SSG V-President and RACMS Member
  13. Ebit, Jeffrey S. – “O” Type
  14. General, Niel Jhon G. – “O” Type
  15. Sabatin, Charles John C. – “O” Type
  16. Madrid, Mae Angelic M. – “A” Type
  17. Castro, Jay-r R. – “O” Type
  18. Cubelo, Hermhie John S. – “O” Type
  19. Angob, Kevin C. – “B” Type
  20. Malinao, Sebastian N. – “O” Type
  21. Gulfo, Ramel J. – “O” Type
  22. Lipao, Jumar C. – “B” Type
  23. Mascardo, Jhumar M. – “B” Type
  24. Elimar, Ganite O. – “B” Type

Philippine Red Cross – Surigao Del Norte Chapter staffers who actively facilitated the activity are Jumar Lipao an UPS member and PRC-SDN Licensed Instructor, Steve C. Beroy, Maria Jhona E. Tradio, Beverly Jane A. Goring, and Romelyn G. Minglana.

“This life saving activity is in partnership with the Philippine Red Cross – Surigao del Norte Chapter, the Supreme Student Government of the Surigao State College of Technology, the Surigao Searchers Spareparts Specialist and Serviam General Merchandise, and the Marajaw Inter-Fraternity and Sorority Association Surigao City Council (MIFSA). We are thankful to them especially to SSCT College President Dr. Gloria C. Gemparo, Searchers and Serviam Owner Mr. Martin Cafe, PRC-SDN Chapter Doctor Romarico M. Trinidad and PRC-SDN Chapter Administrator Mrs. Marilou E. Taling for supporting us,” Pecho concluded.


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