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PDEA captures 'shabu' supplier

Suspected ‘shabu’ supplier Kennth Diez Canedo inside Room 306 of Jannex Pension House, Surigao City.

 By Rina "Jiji" Jaylo
SURIGAO CITY - Agents of PDEA Caraga Region based in Butuan City had successfully apprehended on Monday, November 11, a big-time shabu supplier from Cebu Province during a buy-bust operation conducted at Jannex Pension House, Surigao City.

Arrested at about 10:30 p.m. was Kennth Diez Canedo, 39 years old, married and a resident of Brgy. Pakigne, Minglanila, Cebu Province, who was caught red-handed with several grams of shabu after he handed the same to a PDEA agent who acted as a poseur-buyer during the said buy-bust operation inside Room 306 and who paid him with P5,000 marked money.

Canedo was later found in possession of nine (9) packs of shabu weighing more or less 47 grams with an estimated value of more than P165,000.00 which were immediately confiscated by PDEA authorities in the presence of witnesses. 

During an exclusive interview, Canedo disclosed that he used to travel bringing 'shabu' to different 'drop off points' such as Butuan City, Bislig City and Surigao City. He had also traveled to Tacloban City, via the Port of Lipata and the Port of Benit in Leyte, on November 3, 2013 where he delivered an undetermined amount of shabu, the suspect added.

The buy-bust operation was witnessed by Vladimir L. Ensomo, a representative of DOJ, and PPChief Insp Eugenio Lira, Jr., editorial adviser of Caraga Aksyon Balita.


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