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City police, port cops strengthen cooperation

P/Chief Insp Rudy Elandag (left), Surigao City police chief, pays a courtesy call on Port Manager 
Isidro Butaslac, Jr. (center) to discuss mutual cooperation  on police and security matters together 
with PP/Superintendent Froilan Caturla, station commander of PPA 
Port Police. (Photo and text by Dixon Gonzales)
By Eugenio Lira, Jr.

Surigao City - P/Chief Insp Rudy Elandag, newly-installed chief of Surigao City Police Office, has paid a courtesy call on port authorities on Friday, February 14, to reinvigorate mutual cooperation on police and security matters with the port police force of the Philippine Ports Authority.

Elandag said his dialogue with port authorities was in line with the PNP’s mandate to establish coordination and cooperation with authorities of vital government installations to secure them from any possible terroristic activities.

“We have discussed with port officials a more comprehensive security plan and police coordination between the city police and the port police in the light of the recent incident wherein a ‘home-made bomb’ was found on board a passenger bus less than 100 meters away from the Port of Lipata. The said vehicle was scheduled to be loaded on board a ferry boat in the said port later in the afternoon but the timely advent of our city police saved the day for the unsuspecting passengers and the public,” Elandag said.

Port Manager Isidro Butaslac, Jr. thanked P/Chief Insp Rudy Elandag for his focus and assistance in helping them secure their two major port facilities in Surigao City.

“We’re glad that Chief Inpector Rudy Elandag is very much concerned of the security and safety of our riding public that uses ports as their entry and exit points. With him and our port police headed by P/Superintendent Froilan Caturla, we can look forward to a more safe and secure facilities in the Port of Lipata and Port of Surigao,” Butaslac concluded.

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