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DPWH improves road to Lake Mainit

MANILA (Nov. 18) - The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) has recently upgraded a circumferential road in Surigao del Norte that will increase the growing popularity of one of the province’s sanctuaries of aquatic animals and marine resources.

With an allocation of P144-million, DPWH has improved a total of 5.8 kilometers of road linking three barangays of Surigao del Norte’s Mainit town. This gives local and international tourists a smoother access to Lake Mainit, the fourth largest lake in the Philippines.

Based on the report submitted by DPWH Region XIII, the road improvement project covers the concreting of existing gravel road, construction of reinforced concrete box culvert, and installation of cross-drainage reinforced concrete pipe culvert with provision of slope protection.

Lake Mainit provides the public with scenic view of its unspoiled waters and magnificent experience with Mindanao Forest Kingfishers, white-breasted sea eagle, gurami, casili and marine flora such as fire orchid, water lilies, indian lotus, that are seen to boost the tourism growth in the area.

The easier delivery of local marine products is also expected to enhance the trade and commerce in Mainit, consequently improving the quality of lives of the townspeople.

Aside from the road improvement project for Lake Mainit, DPWH has also recently paved the following roads: the NRJ-Cagniog-Cayutan-Canlipa Port Area Road in Surigao City; the access road leading to Doña Helene Port in Socorro, Bucas Grande Island; the Sayak-Airport-Antipolo-Tuburan-Quezon-Mabini Road; and the Socorro Port-Jct. Songkoy-Sudlon-Sohoton Cove, in Siargao.

For this year alone, DPWH has accomplished a total of P661.3 million projects for Surigao del Norte, covering tourism roads, road repairs, new bridge, flood-control projects, drainage, and slope protection structures.(DPWH)


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