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DOH opens more BnBs in Caraga region

Amidst clamor over high prices of medicines, the Department of Health (DOH) Caraga intensifies campaign on availability of cheaper medicines by opening up more Botika ng Barangays (BnBs) in the region. DOH Caraga aims to establish one BnB outlet in two neighboring barangays…

DOH Caraga chief calls on public to be cautious

Director Leonita Gorgolon of the Department of Health (DOH) Caraga calls on the public, especially the students to be cautious and to properly observe quarantine measures of the government, during a press conference recently. “The public, especially the students should unde…

Caraga reports new A(H1N1) case

As of today, Center for Health Development Caraga reports one more laboratory confirmed influenza A(H1N1) case, bringing the total to two cases. These cases are now recovering and completing treatment in a designated referral center. This additional positive case is a nine …

DOH identifies 27 training hospitals for NARS project in Caraga

The Department of Health (DOH)-Caraga Region has identified 27 training hospitals region-wide for the beneficiaries of the Nurses Assigned in Rural Service (NARS) project. During the first quarterly meeting of the Regional Development Council-Social Development Committee (RD…

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