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DOH Caraga chief calls on public to be cautious

Director Leonita Gorgolon of the Department of Health (DOH) Caraga calls on the public, especially the students to be cautious and to properly observe quarantine measures of the government, during a press conference recently.

“The public, especially the students should understand the importance of the quarantine, what they need to do during quarantine period,” says Director Gorgolon.

Director Gorgolon said that the media could help well in this endeavor by communicating to the public what quarantine means.

Director Gorgolon added that there is a need for the public to acquire increased understanding on what is A/H1N1 such as quarantine procedures, a gap the media could fill.

The comment came following media queries of Agusan National High School’s (ANHS) participation in the Adlaw Hong Butuan celebration even if they are quarantined.

ANHS suspended their classes for ten days following A/H1N1 infection of some of its students.

DOH Caraga called for a press conference amidst reports of increasing number of A/H1N1 cases in the city.

Director Gorgolon confirmed that there is indeed an increasing number of A/H1N1 infection in the region but it does not yet reach an alarming state and the cases are curable.

As of August 4, there are already 50 confirmed cases of A/H1N1 infection in the region. Most of those who are affected are students. 28 of the cases are females and 22 males. The most affected age group is 11-20.

In Caraga, Butuan has the highest number of infections with 29. Agusan del Norte has 6. Agusan del Sur has 8. Surigao del Sur has 1 and Surigao City, 6 cases.

The A/H1N1 infection in the region started last May 23. Since then there are already 104 cases under observation. 44 of these were negative of A/H1N1. 9 have no laboratory results yet and 50 were diagnosed positive of A/H1N1. Among these cases, 1 is positively linked to a confirmed A/H1N1 case. (Lovely Laudette Gamba, PIA-Caraga)

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