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PGMA visit 'answered prayer' for Tubajon mayor and constituents

For Tubajon Mayor Ronaldo Luib, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo's visit to his municipality this afternoon (Jan. 21) was an "answered prayer" to his plea for assistance for his constituents suffering from the effects of a storm surge that hit their town last January 10.

"My constituents and I are honored that our President chose to visit us in our time of need. Her visit is the answer to our prayers for assistance from this ordeal," Luib said in an interview before the arrival of the President here.

A storm surge -- or an offshore rise in water level brought by the non-stop rains in the region -- struck here last January 10, a Saturday, and destroyed the municipality's seawall and water system.

Since then, the residents have been living in fear of another storm surge strike and without potable water.

Concerned that the municipality of Tubajon and its residents have been left defenseless by the damaged seawall and are now open to disease outbreaks due to lack of clean water, President Arroyo gave a P1-million check to Luib with instructions that repair and rehabilitation work be immediately done on vital infrastructures.

Upon receiving the check, Luib thanked God for the President's "gift" and said, "Binigay ito ng Diyos kasi alam Niya na kailangan namin ang pag-bisita ng Presidente."

"Pinaka-malayo kami sa MalacaƱang na halos hindi kami maka-abot sa MalacaƱang; pero ito, dinalaw kami ni Presidente Arroyo," Luib said, still in shock and awe at the event unfolding before his eyes.

"I repeat -- I thank God and I thank the President for coming here para makita niya ang real situation ng bayan ko and the real situation ng mga tao," Luib added.


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