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Police Report: Arrest on illegal gambling in Surigao

On February 2, 2009 at 8:25, PNP elements from Provincial Anti-Vice Task Force (PAVTAG) led by SPO1 Espina arrested Victoria Dangallo Gonzales, 48 years old, married and a resident of Purok-12 Navalca, Barangay San Juan, Surigao City while inside Victoria's Flower Shop located at Luneta Park, San Nicolas Street, Barangay Washington, Surigao City.

Gonzales allegedly a “swertres” coordinator was caught in the act engaging in Illegal Gambling activities.

Confiscated from the suspect’s possession were several “swertres” paraphernalia.

Suspect was brought to the police station for documentation and proper disposition.

Also, at around 7:05 in the evening of the same date, PNP members of Placer Municipal Police Station headed by PInsp Alejandro Recimo conducted an operation against Illegal Gambling at Barangay Magsaysay, Placer, Surigao del Norte.

The operation resulted to the arrest of Armando Labad Bagul, 22 years old, single, “swertres” bet collector and a resident of Barangay Magsaysay.

Confiscated from the suspect’s possession were one tally sheet, one piece ballpen and bet money amounting to Php 615.00 in different denominations.

Subject was brought to Placer Municipal Police Station for documentation and proper disposition. (PNP-13/ PIA-Caraga)


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غير معرف يقول...

mga sir pulis, bakit po naman sila ang hinuhuli nyo pangbili lang yan nang bigas kinikita nila...bakit yong mga financers ayaw nyong hulihin..dahil ba malaki ang datong sa inyo?....Please please lang biktima lang sila sa kahiran,,
financer ang dapat nyong huliin dahil pang Ford Expedition ang kinikita nila dito. Dios pur santo.., kailan pa tayo gigising sa katutuhanan...

usa/local يقول...

Let me just explain to the public, what our policeman doing is right, if they cough some illegal activities; it mean they are doing there job. There is no such thing, small or big illegal activities either way they are both important. We should get them all; its normal smaller fish caught first; but hopefully the bigger fish well be caught next. Public should realize that in order to live in a healthy environments we have to take action on this issue seriously. What my fair is Datong. Lets just hope out policeman don’t have a double standard by letting them go in exchange of bribe; Then this is were we the citizen come in to the picture to stop those policeman doing illegal action also, they should be prosecuted to the fullies punishment by law. Its time for change, change would not happen itself. We the people can make a different by reporting whose policeman doing illegal activities; this site is a good access to report on those policeman doing illegal activities and this is a best solution to report them. Thank you!!!!!!!!!! Tata G.

غير معرف يقول...

Tata G, Binisayaa rakan iton kay kalabad imo English.

Let me explain to you, if there is no big fish, there will be no small fish. Simple, kay an big fish amoy naghimo nan small fish.

Now if you get rid of the big fish once and for all, there will be no small fish. Simple ra, kay an big fish adtu gikan an supply nan iton mga kabuang.

Basta magbinuang, isumbong dajon bahala na kon sin-o na dagkong tae.

غير معرف يقول...

ayna anonymouse ekaw rakay maghubag kay maglisod ako, mas makaexplain ako better sa english kay sa surigaonon, kay 25 year naman tuho ako diri sa states. ogsa mas maka explain ako pagdajaw sa english mas makuha ko an point to point. pero dajawa sab paghubad kay bagan waya man kaw ad-on makasabot magdajaw an ako ipasabot gamay or dako we have to take it seriously they are both important. tata g.

غير معرف يقول...

hubag, hubad, ono man iton imo pasabot? Ka way klaro ba anhi.

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