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A memorable birthday concert at Dinagat Islands

The recent birthday celebration of Gov. Jade Ecleo was not only memorable but also an affair to be reckoned with, cherished and remembered. The day also marked the unveiling of the 24-Hour Power in Dinagat Islands, giving the residents electricity round the clock. This is not only the greatest achievement she has done for her people but is testament to her commitment of service to them as well.

The birthday party started with a serenade from her constituents at exactly past midnight. It was a beautiful sight as they had candles lit, while the choirs and different groups took turns in serenading the governor.

And just as the affair was beginning, the biggest surprise for the governor came out – her eldest daughter Natasha who flew in from Manila just to be with her. The governor broke down into tears for she was overjoyed with the sight of her daughter carrying a birthday cake walking towards her. For the past three years or ever since she became governor, she has opted to celebrate her birthdays with her constituents, the Dinagatnons, away from her kids. They ended the serenade with a display of fireworks.

Everyone was given the chance to greet Gov. Jade and everyone expressed their love and their support.

As the evening progressed, the governor went on with her concert which she dedicated to them and which was aptly entitled “Gov. Jade’s Birthday Concert… Handog ko Para sa mga Mahal kong Dinagatnons.” It has become her tradition to gift her people with full entertainment as her way of thanking them for their unending love, support and dedication to her administration.

This year she invited the following artists to perform with her in the concert: Gabby Concepcion, Dingdong Avanzado, Jessa Zaragoza and Ara Mina. It was a night full of beautiful love songs as the Governor rendered duets with Gabby and Dingdong, a trio with Jessa and Ara Mina. There was also a rendition of a telenovela medley, the theme songs of some popular soap operas which the guest artists sang. They were joined by the governor’s brother, Mayor Benglen Ecleo.

Jessa sang songs from her album, “Jessa sings the Great Musical Icons.” The CD was one of the give-aways of the governor for the evening.

Dingdong Avanzado, the “Original Prince of Pop” proved to be the “Crush ng Bayan” still as the people screamed each time he got onstage. The most appreciated number was his duet with his wife Jessa.

Ara Mina, the sexy singer/ actress, won everyone’s heart and was welcomed with so much admiration.

Gabby Concepcion broke the house down as soon as he entered the stage, even without saying anything. The audience was just so thrilled that he was in Dinagat.

Aside from the guest performers, other special people close to the governor were also there to honor her on her birthday. It came as a surprise for everyone to see Mr. Milton Ngu sing a duet with Gov. Jade. The song was “I Will Take Care of You.”

The governor showed her dancing prowess as well. She had several mesmerizing numbers, one of which was her Bollywood medley wherein she did belly dancing. The audience, along with her constituents, really admired her for her amazing talent.

Lastly, she sang their (her’s and her constituents’) theme song, “Handog” which made everyone teary-eyed.

The night ended with so much joy and happiness in the hearts of the Dinagatnons, for once more it proved to them how much the governor loves them.

One too many were quoted as saying, “buong buhay namin, hindi namin makakalimutan ito. Hindi kami makapaniwala na makikita at makakapanood kami ng ganitong klase na show na may kalidad. At aming nakita ng personal ang mga de-kalidad na mga artista na ito. Mahabang panahon naming isasapuso ang alaala nitong birthday concert ng aming mahal na gobernador Jade Ecleo! Maraming salamat po! Mabuhay ka Governor Ecleo!” (CRISPINA MARTINEZ-BELEN, MB)

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