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Jericho Rosales wants to promote Philippine tourism through surfing

Jericho Rosales didn't have to think about it when PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) asked him where he would be spending summer this year. "I will definitely be on the beach, surfing," was his quick answer.

The singer-actor has been an active surfer for 10 years. It became his therapy for the knee injury he sustained while playing basketball.

It happened on his right knee, he related to PEP. "Na-hyper extend ko siya, so I need it to go in a yun, therapy nga. Instead going to the clinic para mag-therapy, nag-surfing ako, nag-swimming ako.

"I think they said swimming is good or something. I don't know maybe I got it wrong, but that's how I got on it. I couldn't do anything but, yun nga, swim. But surfing kasi, you paddle, parang you swim and then you stand up on a board. Di ba, nae-exercise ko ['yong legs].

"Hindi ako mapakali kasi walang sports, e. Ayoko nang walang sports, e. So there, but then I hurt my knees again while doing it. Actually, parang naging okay pa siya. Noong parang nag-flop siya, then, maya-maya, naging okay na siya. Sabi ko, 'Okay.' Kasi parang gumaling pa ako sa surfing. So that's how it's changed my life."

MORE THAN JUST A SPORT. For Jericho, it's not only a sport that will keep him fit, it's also a good way to promote the beauty of the Philippines. It's become a part of his habit to travel around the country and discover new surfing spots.

The actor recalled his recent discovery in North Luzon. "Actually, I'm so nog-nog [sunburnt] na because I came from Pagudpod [in Ilocos Norte]," he told PEP.

According Echo, as Jericho is fondly called by close friends, the beach they visited was rocky, which is dangerous for beginners. But, he said, "'yon yung nagpo-produce ng magandang wave talaga, e. Because of the rocks, it forms really nice waves talaga. At saka may power talaga. Pacific tide, e, so may power talaga siya."

He continued, "That's my dream, e. My dream is to go around the Philippines, cover all, search for a spot, in different seasons. The Philippines has different seasons to surfing. For example, when it's March and April, I go to Siargao, ganyan. Iba-ibang seasons 'yon, e, ang dami. I don't even have to go out of the country. Kasi, iba 'yong trip ko. Kung adventure din lang, nature trip, talagang sobrang ganda sa Philippines."

LIFESTYLE SURFER. Although he seriously practices this sport, Jericho says he has never hasn't entered in any competition yet. He said in their group he belongs to the lifestyle riders, who are responsible for promoting the sport and creating awareness of environmental issues.

He explained, "We are called the lifestyle riders of Aloha Board Sports [in Rockwell, Makati]. There are competitive riders and the lifestyle riders. Kami 'yong nasa lifestyle. I don't compete because of my job, di ba? There are better surfers than [me]. Kumbaga, marami diyan na talagang 'yon yung trabaho nila, to compete every day of their life. So ako naman, we are responsible for helping people understand things about surfing, be friendly sa beach, mga gano'n, to encourage to surf, to protect the reefs, to protect the ocean."

The 30-year-old actor is so dedicated to this sport that he wants to own a house near a good surfing spot. He's still searching for the best beach where he can someday retire. "I want a beach house, that's it. Ang dami pang magagandang places," he ended. (pep.ph)


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