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Commentary: Pupil's attitude towards his lesson and moral values

Jose C. Espinile is a Master Teacher-I
of Pilar Central Elementary School, Pilar, Surigao del Norte

First, we go to school in order to learn. And it is expected that teachers give assignments, projects, research and reports so that aside from the learnings they have imparted inside the classroom, we will also learn from our own efforts.

Many students find many reasons and “alibis” so that they cannot study their lessons. Others are booked on watching TV cartoons and playing video games and spent more time to thing which gave them pleasure especially to “barkadas” and loitering around the town at night. Is it true children? Don’t you think many people became rich thru education?

You pupils or students, why should not be studious? Be wise enough! Do not think negatively towards studying your lessons because it serves as other means of learning and training ground that helps the students be more responsible and productive citizens of our country in the future.

Many Filipino youngsters struggle against their fellow brothers and sisters. Individual or groups fought with one another, fraternity versus fraternity, parents against children, student against teacher. Why should these things happen? Is it the fault of teachers? Is it the fault of parents?

I think this is all because of one thing that is seldom put into practice today - “respect”.

By the way what is respect? Respect is a feeling of honor or polite regards or a virtue of dealing with the other people with esteem and consideration.

It can be recalled that many years ago, elementary schools gave awards such as: “Most obedient”, “Most helpful”, “Most respectful” to deserving pupils at the end of school year to encourage pupils to put into practice the good values that have been practiced by our forefathers in many years. Yet, it seems that all efforts are in vain.

Most probably the reason, it’s easy to utter the word respect, but putting it into practice is unlikely to happen. It is a fact that many youth today live without respect to others especially to the poor that resulted to human right violation and even to a teacher especially this teacher is not his adviser, so there’s lack of respect.

Even during flag ceremony, many pupils manifest no respect to our Philippine flag. Some were playing, some were walking upon singing the Pambansang Awit inside the schoolground and this must be corrected or given attention by the administrators and teacher advisers concerned to look out their pupils.

The words “Good Morning” and “Good Afternoon” are now almost forgotten. Like for instance the pupils pass in front of the two teachers without saying “May I pass Ma’am?” or else Good Morning or Good Afternoon. Frankly speaking, this was happened to our District Supervisor and you children must be changed for peace and harmony. #

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