An Apology is Called For

Over the last few months this blog has degenerated into a cesspool of mudslinging and abusive comments. I know some of the readers here were also guilty by responding and posting abusive comments which have only served to inflame the situation. For this I would like to apologize to all those who have been offended bisan dili kun ako adto an nagkomento but then as a blog author naa pod tay responsibilidad special mention na an organisasyon sa mga media sa Surigao, the Media Association of Surigao headed by its President, Mr. Jun Clerigo. Pasensya na gajud.

To Beng, I also agree with you, I think criticisms that are constructive and trying to search for possible reforms in the way normal and sound minded people should be, dapat sad jaon ipagawas. And nakita nako an avenue sa blogging, for me it is a useful forum on which to exchange our views and experiences, and furthermore a means by which we can help each other by passing on information.

I would rather see one sensible comment that indicates a person has actually read my blog, than see a hundred senseless ones. This blog started as an enjoyable place to read the latest information in our beloved province but I think everyone would agree that it has sunk a bit to a level that is detrimental to some of our fellow Surigaonons and has most likely caused a number of readers to leave, nadis-appoint sila.

I am trying to offer an olive branch and hope, with our Fiesta coming up, that we can all bring a bit of peace, goodwill and joy to this blog by returning it to be an enjoyable experience for all.

If you feel that you can only respond by posting an abusive comment then please make no comment at all as it will only reflect badly upon you rather than on me. Salamat.


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