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Surigao officials commemorate Battle of Surigao Strait

SURIGAO CITY -- The City Government of Surigao on Saturday commemorated the 64th anniversary of the “Battle of Surigao Strait”.

The “battle” took place on October 25, 1944 at the strait that connects the Bohol Sea with Leyte Gulf.

The city government launched a memorial service held at the Lipata Ferry Terminal Complex, highlighted by laying of flowers and candle lighting to pay homage to the heroes of World War II.

The Armed Forces of the Philippines’ 30th Infantry Battalion also rendered a 21-gun salute to show the highest naval honor.

The city government said the “Battle of Surigao Strait” was the US navy’s greatest single triumph where its 7th fleet support force set a trap, which led to the sinking of Vice Admiral Shoji Nishimura's "Southern Force".

Naval historian Howard Sauer said the battle was the “Last Big Gun Naval Battle” in history.

Surigao del Norte officials also opened a “Battle of Surigao Strait Naval showroom” to showcase the timeline of the actual battle. To add enthusiasm, they displayed old pictures of the naval battleships of Americans and Japanese forces. (Richmond Hinayon, ABS-CBN Butuan)

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