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Barbers Veering to Villar NP Party?

The signs are there that the Barbers brothers are resigned to their fate in the LAKAS-KAMPI merger and would possibly jump over to the Nacionalista Party of Presidential Candidate Senator Manny Villar.

The scenario become evident in the May 28th LAKAS-KAMPI convention in Manila Hotel where both Gov. Ace Barbers and elder brother Lyndon were absent from the said meeting.

City Mayor Pons Casurra who attended the said convention himself expressed surprise over the absence of the duo and feared the boycott may lead to more serious consequences to the standings of the Barbers camp to the LAKAS-KAMPI merger.

Reps. Lalo Matugas and Jun Romarate meanwhile refused to speculate on what would happen to the membership of the Barbers Bros to the merger.

So far there has been no adverse reaction nor comment from the Barbers rivals.

LAKAS Party masterlist released last Friday showed Gov. Barbers as Lakas Provincial Chairman while Casurra handled both the LAKAS and KAMPI Chairmanship in the city.

The possibility of the Barbers brothers bolting to the camp of Villar became evident however after the brothers Lyndon and Ace observed they had little or no chance at all to engage Matugas and Romarate in a powerplay within the merger.

In a long distance interview with the Agusan-Surigao Enquirer Newspaper, Rep. Matugas said the fate of the Barbers in the merger lies in the hands of Pres. Arroyo.

Matugas said the President will soon appoint new interim officials of the merger party.

There are reports too that Rep. Matugas will soon be appointed Vice-Pres, for Mindanao representing the KAMPI party in the merger. (Agusan-Surigao Enquirer)


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