Surigao City asks PNP to augment city police force

With the prevailing peace and order condition of the area, the city government of Surigao requested the Philippine National Police (PNP) provincial office to augment personnel assigned to the city.

In a recent City Development Council (CDC) general assembly, Councilor Danilo Menor, chairperson of CDC Development Administration Committee presented a resolution requesting the provincial PNP to recall all detailed PNP personnel whose mother unit is Surigao City, and to assign additional PNP personnel to augment the present number and meet the targeted police to population ratio for greater efficiency.

The resolution revealed that the current strength or number of police personnel assigned to the city in the past years does not meet the standard police to population ratio for small cities like Surigao with at least 1:1000.

P/Supt. Arthur Sanchez, PNP city director, also revealed that the present strength of the police personnel in the city is only 62.

Given the increase of population and urban development, the city requires that police personnel assignment be continuously upgraded to meet community demands.

Thus, Supt. Sanchez said that there is really a need for an additional deployment of personnel to reinforce police visibility in the other areas of the city for security purposes. (PIA)

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