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“P-Noy” assures Nitoy of support

President Noynoy Aquino or otherwise known as “P-Noy” recently assured Surigao City Mayor Ernesto “Nitoy” Matugas of his full support in connection with the latter’s development programs which will benefit his entire constituency. The assurance was made by the country’s chief executive during the duo’s meeting in Malacañang Palace on July 19, 2001, it was learned.

“P-Noy” is the moniker chosen by Aquino which means Pangulong Noynoy - in a humble intention to identify himself with the masses by combining the Filipino translation of his position with his nickname in order to come up with a moniker with “mass appeal”.

Aquino likewise encouraged Nitoy to call his office anytime that the latter would need help especially on problems which could not be solved on his level. The president told the same to the city mayor in the presence of newly-elected national officers and members of the League of Cities of the Philippines who paid a courtesy call on the chief executive in Malacañang Palace, it was gathered.

In an exclusive interview with this writer, City Mayor Nitoy Matugas expressed his gratitude to the readiness and sincerity of the President in helping his administration deliver developmental programs for the welfare of the Surigaonons. He made known his appreciation of the President’s offer of assistance and likewise his readiness to seek membership under the latter’s political umbrella which is the Liberal Party.

“President Noynoy has a soft spot for Surigao City and is keen on helping us in our programs that will promote the general welfare of our people. He is definitely a role model. We are all ready to join his party because we see in him the realization of our dreams to transform Surigao City into a city full of hope, opportunities, development and progress,” the city chief executive explained. (Jun Parada, Caraga Aksyon Balita)


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غير معرف يقول...

jaoy unta ako i suggest sa ato Mayor. An ato airport. Kinahanglan dajawon an Landing field kay daghan an gusto mag plane to trvael to Cebu & Manila. An mga tawo mo extra gajod sa >Butuan pagbiyahe ug adto manakayan kay mahadlok sa ato airport hasta pagbalik adto pasingud sa Butuan imbis diritso sa Surigao. Suggestion ra ini. Kay isa ini sa importante sab sa Surigao not only for Surigaonon & to all visitors & tourist.. makapalambo man sab ini sa ato turismo di ba? or uno may ijo ikasulti

غير معرف يقول...

For us who take the manila to butuan route it is vey inconvinient , consdering the distance between butuan to surigao del sur as compared to surigao del norte airport to surigao del sur area. so I agree and would like an expansion of our surigao airport so bigger planes can land and for the convinience of all interested traveliers. maybe our new administration and whoever is responsible for this project can take into consideration our pledges like they did in siargao island airport.

Hemantayon of LA... يقول...

the suggestion is well thought of, but i don't know of any city in any place that has a direct hand in the FOS nor MS of any airport, specially so that the Laws and regulations that pertain to airfield and aircraft management could not be usurped by any authority... other than by CAA/BAT or ICAO whose unique and assertive clout is guaranteed by virtue of the international agreements signed by member governments.
Various factors are involved - not just safety which is of prime importance- in the long term studies/frequencies of general/usual wind flow direction to decide runway heading/orientation, a very important issue which, in the last fifty or so years been sidelined... another worth mentioning is the surrounding topography (wind draft, which was a major factor in Steve Fosset's disappearance and untimely demise),also elevation and environmental impact (noise, etc pollution).
Where the airport is now situated, its operating parameters is conducive and limited to its operating plateau, any other expansion, improvements, upgrade or modernization (its length and capacity) is best understood and accomplished by closing then moving it to some other place that is within the city's jurisdiction and that is where the city and its managers can be of great help and use... not to mention also are the ROI's and feasibilty studies (economic) which go hand-in-hand with all these....

Hemantayon of LA يقول...

addendum... i pretty much discussed this in length during the time when Dinagat Island wanted to wean itself form Surigao mainland (see postings in Surigaolink.com as a "guest") a few years back... the basic requirements to make it plausible and competitive, likewise, it's proximity to the main hubs(Cebu-Leyte and down south Tandag, Mangagoy, Davao)as alternates when maritime and even land travel renders this mode temporarily impossible...and the basic fact that it is shorter (distance wise)from these hubs... in short, less operating expense for aircraft operators meaning less in cost that they can pass-on to the riding public or make the trunkline economically viable, hence, constant/permanent and not just seasonal...

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