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Surigao Norte Gov reports first 100 days

Gov. Sol Matugas, wife of 1st district representative Cong. Francisco Matugas, delivered her first ever 100 days report before her constituents at the Provincial Convention Center, Thursday morning (Oct. 28).

In her 30-minute speech, Gov. Matugas said that 100 days is too short for her to prove that she has done much to her constituency. Nevertheless, she thanked the Surigaonons for giving her the mandate to lead the province. “As such, I have taken to heart this tall order to fulfill the developmental platform you have placed your faith and hope in, to start the journey on this road to healing and progress,” Matugas said.

The Lady Governor also took pride on thanking her Team Capitol, to the municipal mayors, and to the barangay captains, “who have worked untiringly with me, since Day 1 in achieving our developmental targets.”

Progress Report

Gov. Matugas centered her report on four significant points to wit, 1) laying the foundations for efficient and effective administration; 2) promoting transparency and accountability; 3) establishing networks and linkages, and 4) implementing the HEALS Development Agenda.

According to Gov. Matugas, laying a good foundation for an efficient and effective administration was on top of her list of tasks to be accomplished. “To embark on the tasks ahead, we have to first set our own house in order.” Thus, she immediately initiated housekeeping efforts when she assumed office as the governor.

“We have conducted a review and reorganization of the provincial capitol offices and departments, merged existing but redundant offices and created new ones to streamline our workforce.”

A total face-lifting of the provincial capitol was also done thru a cleanliness and beautification drive plus a repainting of the capitol building including the renovations of the Governor’s Mansion, the Provincial Capitol Chapel, Capitol Park and the Legacy Garden.

Gov. Matugas also implemented a salary adjustment for the capitol employees, among others, “to augment the meager pay that our people are receiving.”

New programs that promote transparency and accountability were likewise launched and implemented by the lady governor. Among them are the Governor’s Weekend Report aired weekly over the local radio stations, a round table discussion dubbed as “Kapihan sa Kapitolyo,” and the “Ang Bag-ong Surigao” magazine, their official publication.

To promote consensus-building and a participatory approach in governance, Gov. Matugas said they were able to successfully established networks and linkages with various stakeholders, worth mentioning are the projects of AUSAID - Prov’l Road Management Facility (PRMF), Oxford Family, United Nations Development Fund, World Bank Global facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery and Growth with Equity in Mindanao.

Implementation of the HEALS Development Agenda

The governor proudly shared that her HEALS program covering the areas of Health, Education and Environment, Agriculture and Aquaculture, Livelihood and Tourism, and Social Welfare, Security and Spiritual Renewal were successfully launched and concretized.

“On top of our health program is the revival of the ‘Panambay sa Barangay’ project of Cong. Lalo Matugas when he was then the governor,” she narrated.

As for education, the governor also bared the implementation of 100% increase in the salary of school board teachers, from P3,000 to P6,000 plus a chalk allowance of P1,000.

On an effort to protect the environment and curb environmental violations, Gov. Matugas then issued Executive Order No. 007, suspending the quarry and small scale mining permits in the province.

Gov. Matugas also revealed that an increased in food production is one of the significant components of her program thus a Provincial Agriculture Satellite Office and Training Center was established in the town of Del Carmen to cater to the needs of the farmers in Siargao Island.

As for livelihood and tourism promotions, the lady governor advocated a tourism development agenda that is pro-poor and one that does not compromise the moral fabric of the Surigaonons.

“We have pushed for the organization and conduct of local tourism and culture festivals such as the Bakhaw Festival in Del Carmen, Sapao-sapao Festival in Sta. Monica, Lubi-lubi Festival in Bacuag and the widely participated Siargao Surfing festival in Gen. Luna.”

Also, to respond to some uniquely difficult situations and needs of our indigent brothers and sisters, a Public Welfare Assistance Counter was established, plus the organization of “Save our Lives” (SOL) multi-agency unit to provide assistance and support when disaster operations are beyond the capacity of the local disaster units in times of calamities.

In her next 100 days and beyond, Gov. Matugas along with her team is determined and committed to fulfill what have set out to do since Day 1 – the implementation of programs and projects to uplift the life of the Surigaonons through the HEALS agenda and more. (PIA-Surigao del Norte)

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This is a big accomplishment in just 100 days. That means to say that this present administrtion is truly sincere in her agenda of improving surigao and be counted as one of the best province of the entire caraga region. I am saddened of the news of another special election that will be held on feb 2011 . which was brought about after the disqualification of the dinagat island as a province. I fervently hope that the people of surigao will vote for the present administration so they can continue the programn that they have started. kudos to the lady governor and the rest of the party .the winning team.

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