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Violence, chaos mars polls in some areas in Caraga Region, Misamis Oriental

Voters who went early to different polling precincts in some areas in the Caraga Region and nearby province of Misamis Oriental particularly Gingoog City made loud noises to express their dismay after they were informed voting ins aid precincts will be delayed while some claimed will be postponed due to lack of official ballots and ballot boxes.

In Gingoog City at Barangay 19, 20 and other polling precincts, Barangay and SK voters who trooped early morning to the voting precincts retuned home complaining with some banging chairs that made loud noises after poll officials announced there are no ballots available others claimed lack of ballots and ballot boxes.

Candidates for SK headed by SK Chair bet Richelle Mae Cañete of Barangay 19, Gingoog City told THE STAR in a long distance interview said that they have been waiting up to 1 p.m. this afternoon to vote due lack of official ballots.

“We have not taken our breakfast now lunch because we go early to this polling precints only ended up nothing because there are no official ballots,” Cañete said in a mobile phone interview with THE STAR. At the other end of the phone, loud noises of complaining voter at Barangay 19 precincts can be heard loudly complaining, shouting.

In Surigao del Sur, Provincial Election Supervisor Alma Acosta told THE STAR in a mobile phone interview that voters in five barangays in San Agustin town have not yet started casting their votes as of noon today to undelivered ballots with some misdelivery of ballots.

The 5 barangays affected were Barangay Poblacion, Buhisan, Kauswagan, Otieza, and Sto. Niño. Acosta however assured voters that voting will proceed as soon as ballots will arrived anytime.

In Agusan del Sur, in San Francisco town, some 1,000 official ballots have same official numbers prompting polling precints officials to halt temnporarily the voting.

In Lapaz, Agusan del Sur, ballots and other voting paraphernalia’s also failed to arrive early.

In Surigao del Norte, beneficiaries of national government’s Pantawid Program complained to DSWD about rumors that they can’t received cash benefits for the program if they failed to vote candidates of the incumbents.

The beneficiary’s however because of fear failed to name names of who these incumbent officials are. (philstar)

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غير معرف يقول...

In certain part of surigao del norte . these money and power hungry people used coercions, intimidations and detention of leaders of the candidates and scare tactics . they even hold them hostage for awhile so they can not vote, paid them not to vote so the opposition party will lose. that is the revenged of the sour losers of last may 2010 election. some of them can not accept their defeat so they are on a comback , like the revenged of the nerds. I am sorry for them. they dont have a place in this society . they belong to the society of the MORONS LIKE THEM.wonder why they are so intense of coming back again, of course money just imagine the money generated by the mining company they want more money to fill their coffers. Listen folks how much more do you want ? remember you can not bring it with you when you go six feet under someday , everybody goes there whether you like it or not.well maybe you can bribe satan so you can enter heaven . i dont think so remember thou shalt not steal it is a sin....

غير معرف يقول...

Who's "THESE, THEY, THEM"? (the moneyed, power-hungry,etc.)Why not name names? anyway you're anonymous..otherwise, your postings have no real meaning and qualifies as mere Hearsay!!!

غير معرف يقول...

remember, stealing is a sin only when you get caught, otherwise, it can best be described as "lottery windfall and tax free"...more importantly, (better yet, a point-to-ponder) having more, (moolah) the merrier...don't be sooo..naive that in having the best toys or the best of everything is not gratifying before going six feet under, i'm pretty sure you will die with a 'mona lisa smile' knowing you had the better deal than those 'in-want' that even morons would leisurely enjoy hehehe...lastly, it's what makes the world go round.

غير معرف يقول...

why do you want that anonymous person to name names.? you must be crazy to do that. If you are true to your words why did you not affix your name instead of ANONYMOUS LIKE THE REST OF THOSE WHO COMMENTS IN SURIGAO TODAY. anonymous is a good name knowing philippines politics is dirty and these bad elements will kill just to be in power got it. if you think it is a hearsay then find the truth yourself.IF YOU CAN PROVE IT THEN YOU WILL BE A MODERN DAY HERO..

غير معرف يقول...

To the person who is insisting of naming names of the fraud committed on last barangay election. why are you so persistent are you one of them or a supporter of the one's mentioned.? GUILTY OR NOT GUILTY THAT IS THE QUESTION THAT ONLY YOU OR THEM CAN ANSWER?

غير معرف يقول...

to the last 2 commenters (anonymous at that!!) why in the world do you want me to shoulder the burden of proof when i never accused nor alleged anything about what was done in the last election (local or national) BUT, for lots of (surigaonon, not just surigaonon from Dinagat or other places but right in the center of surigao city) people like me to know WHO they are is just plain curiosity..... who the hell cares if so and so, won the election by hook or by crook?... but to hide from the guise of being 'anonymous' is cowardice...while at the same time, making me appear as a supporter of any of the candidates is absurd and borders on paranoia!!...for your info, i am rougly 9600 miles east northeast of surigao (US west coast) (as per my PAL mabuhay miles card previleges say) and visited surigao only during its fiesta celebration "twice" in the last 26 or so years i been out... so i guess that would put to rest your doubts. Now again as you said, coercions, intimidation , detention?!! are serious accusations and yet you want me to name them when you were the one who said it in the first place? NOW TELL ME WHO'S CRAZY? WHO'S GUILTY? WHO'S THE HERO or maybe you mean ANTI-HERO?

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