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Column: Wave of Expectations "Jaywalker"

By: Natz Corbeta, Editor/Publisher, Karaga News Central

Readers of this column may ask why I chose the title “Jaywalker” where it is known and associated with late legendary writer Art Borjal, when during his time, he once used this piece of title in his column. Not being too defensive from circumstantial critiquing and be branded as “nothing but a secondrate trying hard copycat” as the popular movie dialogue goes by…but I personally pay tribute to Art Borjal’s style of writing and perhaps if not entirely absolute, he was one of those journalism icons I admired most in this country. To you Art: May your soul rest in peace…

Jaywalking is a pedestrian violation, however, in journalism point of view, crossing the lines between two different standpoints regardless of which way you choose is a democratic dictum and it is a cardinal role of every journalist to criticize those damn doesn’t deserves to be praise and hail those who deserves it. For a quite some time that I take silence both in print and in broadcast for personal and political reasons, once again as a publisher and editor of this paper, I will tend to continue this lifetime passion in writing which I had practiced for the past 17-years¬---THE SHOW MUST GO ON AMIGOS!


When the Entry of Judgment was issued by the Supreme Court declaring R.A. 9355 or an Act creating the province of Dinagat Islands as unconstitutional, a tidal wave of questions were being asked by the Surigaonons, mostly political fanatics, pointing a more critical viewpoint on the issue.

In retrospect, windfall of conclusions was raised by many expressing vindications and sentiments that once and for all, no one is above the law.
While the side of the petitioners and the rest of the advocates of reverting back Dinagat to its mother province are rejoicing, the concerned Dinagat officials are not so rhetoric but simply shows off optimism that still, they can re-justify their cause through their legal batteries.


However, in some point of consideration, there has been no action taken yet by the DILG in effect to the so called finality of the high tribunal’s judgment. The Interior Department is the rightful authority that is task to implement such legal orders in consequence with the nullification of election results in the concerned areas and who’s official’s will be taken out from their seats in accordance with the COMELEC resolution 8790 that was issued prior to the May 10 elections. On the other side of the situation, the issue is now focused on the political effect time come; there will be special elections to be conducted. No one could have guessed when it could be scheduled.


My simple analytical observation is that, there will be wide range of political dilemma is expected to happen particularly on those seating officials who were adversely affected by these consequence that appears to be a crystal ball in the political history of this province.

The one that obviously expressing concerns and worries perhaps, are those strongholds in the local party Padajun Surigao who were tremendously victorious during the last May 10 PCOS elections.

On the other side of the coin referring to the Barbers-Casurra group this time, is just quietly an observant on the roller-coaster politics that is happening now in the province. Most likely, they also have their own political agenda on the complex realities of the once undivided Surigao del Norte is facing this time.


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