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NEWS ANALYSIS… Sol-Nitoy: One term officials says observers, Casurra-Barbers group still intact…

The new political order in the province of Surigao del Norte whose leadership being branded as “Ang Bag-ong Surigao” or “The New Surigao” appears likely to be not so strong as what their political mouthpiece are telling.

Setting aside the two-termer 2nd district solon Cong. Jun Romarate whose political vulnerability this time is far more impossible to be knock out, Surigao del Norte Governor Sol Matugas and City Mayor Ernesto Matugas is now being seen by some independent observers as one-term officials as compared to their predecessors former Gov. Ace Barbers and former City Mayor Pons Casurra which leaderships already been tested by time.

Behind their silent mode, Casurra and Barbers are doing leg-work and still continued to connect with their most trusted leaders and even to the grassroots that once in Surigao’s political history brought them to their respective offices in city hall and capitol.

The two former leaders even out of sight in public have demonstrated enough moral and financial support to their political lieutenants who ran in the recent Barangay and SK Elections last month.

Despite their limited financial batteries as compared to the Matugases , Casurra and Barbers impulses were focused on personal touch to their leaders as they recalibrate their political strength.

With the ever-changing landscape in politics in the province of Surigao del Norte, observers are predicting a possible turn back of old leadership and put an end to the transformational ambitions of the present administration of the Matugases amid the apparent discontentment of the majority Surigaonon electorates on the way they (Sol and Nitoy) run the capitol and city governments.

Independent observers likewise cautioned the present administration that like the same current that swept them to capitol and city hall in the last May 10 PCOS elections, they will easily be put back to their civilian status if Sol and Nitoy will fail to institute reforms in their respective governance in the days to come. (Natz Corbeta, Karaga News Central)


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