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Armed men raided compound of former Placer Mayor, torched heavy equipment

More than 30 unidentified armed men raided the compound of former Placer Mayor Charry Mangacop on Wednesday, May 25 in Km. 8, Brgy. Bonifacio, Surigao City, said a report from PNP-Surigao City.

It was around 7 pm--while the former mayor together with his wife, Luzviminda Sala Mangacop and his driver, Reynaldo Jaculba Madera were eating dinner--that some 30 armed men entered their compound. Six of them were armed with baby armalite and other high powered firearms.
The men asked for the family memebers' cellular phones and ordered Mangacop to surrender his firearms.

“They were only asking my firearms, sinabihan ko nalang yung asawa ko na ibigay nalang yung mga baril (I told my spouse to just give the fireams to them),” Mangacop said in an interview.
Mangacop is still clueless as to the motive of the incident.

The suspects took from him two Nokia cellphones, one infant baby armalite, one unit commando baby armalite, one caliber 45 with four extra magazines, two full packed bandoliers, four hand set radios, four base radios and one round armalite magazine.

The former mayor clarified that those are all licensed firearms.

“The suspects then brought them outside their residence (still inside the compound) and lined them together with the ex-mayor’s other employees and then after a while, they took them outside the compound to a nearby house owned by a certain Peter and Linda, but the owners were not in their residence,” said a report.

They were then brought to the national highway and some minutes later, they heard a gunshot and saw that their construction vehicles inside their compound were incinerated. Damaged vehicles were as follows: one unit Isuzu dump truck worth P1.6M; one unit Fuzo canter mini dam worth P400,000; one unit Fuzo canter storage worth P700,000; one unit Hitachi backhoe worth P1.5M; and one unit Komatso bulldozer worth P1M.

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