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Del Carmen won “People’s Choice” in Phil-Web awards

In another paradigm of prestige, the town of Del Carmen in Siargao Island emerges as winner in “People’s Choice “and finalist in the recently concluded Philippine Web Awards in the LGU Category and bested other towns and provinces in the country.

Mayor Afredo “JR” Coro, an IT expert local chief executive told the Karaga News Central that among other areas in Mindanao competing for the award were the provinces of Sulu, Lanao and Zamboanga City.

“It was really a big opportunity for our town and being part of Surigao del Norte to be known in the global map of Information and Communication Technology as the bridge to the worldwide economy”, Mayor Coro said.

The Municipality of Del Carmen with its superb biodiversity and unique location being surrounded by both sea and forest lands are being recognized by the people and the local government as the town’s treasures.

The vast hectares of Mangroves and swampy area in the town is accounted as 21% of the island’s total land area is the sanctuary for endemic crabs and endangered ‘Crocodylus Porosus’ or the salt-water crocodile including other marine resources which is also considered to be its highly regarded potentials that will soon be an asset in the global investment and trade, Coro added.

The town of Del Carmen is one of the oldest settlements opened by the Spaniards in the cluster of islands in the Pacific Ocean east of the mainland of Surigao del Norte known as Siargao that comprises the nine municipalities.

Aside from shifting its gear to the world of modernity from a conventional type of governance, the new leadership of Del Carmen is set to implement various infrastructure developments and programs that cater splendid progress especially on eco-tourism being one of the alternative tourist destinations in the country. (Gabby Solis, Karaga News Central)

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