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City’s Timberland areas to A&D, Romarate pushes a speedy conversion in House

Second District Congressman Guillermo Romarate Jr. is set to fast track the approval of the Bill filed in the congress asking for an immediate conversion of some timberland areas in Surigao City into alienable and disposable land.

Romarate said that some residential areas in the Surigao which still classified as timberland by the DENR will soon be reclassify as alienable and disposable.

Owners of residential houses located in Barangay San Juan, Barangay Taft, Navalca and other areas in the city will no longer worry on the status of their properties if the bill filed in the Lower House will be acted into Law.

Once the law will be approve and signed by the President, existing land occupants who were only armed with tax declarations will already be given a chance for an absolute ownership and land titles.

The House Bill filed was a concerted authorship by Cong. Romarate and 1st district solon Francisco Matugas being the chairman of the House Committee on Environment and Natural Resources.

The DENR cited that those areas considered as timberland requires a Congressional Act to amend the existing classification.

The said House Bill is now in its 3rd and final reading, Romarate added.

“We can really give assurance to the Surigaonons that this Bill will be approve in the House within the 2nd quarter of 2011 and soon be forwarded to the Senate”.

Rep. Romarate further stressed that if the law will be acted upon reclassifying these timberland areas into alienable and disposable, this will definitely help the city government increase its real property tax collection and provides the land owners a full power to develop and can be use as loan collaterals and for other legal purposes it may serve. (Natz Corbeta, Editor/Publisher, Karaga News Central)

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