Summer energies unleashed

Summer is the best time to explore and experience new fun activities. Whether indoors or outdoors, the possibilities are endless when it comes to summer fun.

The most common summer activity is undoubtedly swimming in sandy beaches or in sparkling pools. Under the scorching heat of the fun, the waters are cool and refreshing.

On radiant beaches, snorkeling adds thrill in the blue water adventure. Under water, you get to appreciate life in more vibrant colors. This recreational activity allows you to witness underwater attraction.

The country boasts various tourist destinations that sparkle best during summer. For one, the Underground River in Palawan presents a breathtaking view of the cave complex surrounded by the green waters.

Taking the cue from having 7,107 islands, the country’s summer destinations make a long list – the white sand beaches of Boracay, tropical island getaway in Mactan, majestic waterfalls in Camiguin, the surfing island of Siargao, and the famous Ifugao rice terraces. Even before you start changing country codes, it looks interesting to explore our own country’s treasures first.

On solid grounds, go-kart racing gives you an adrenaline rush. If you are a person of speed, you are sure to love every minute on the race track.

Indoors, you can try testing your physical prowess through a myriad of sports events. If you want adventure beyond basketball or swimming, taekwondo comes as a real challenge. This martial art pounds more beat than any other sports activity and brings a competitive tone.

If you want to put your focus to a test, rifle shooting is a good avenue. More than the booming sound it produces from the barrel, rifle shooting tests your ability or inability to keep still.

And if you simply want to ride the beat, put on your dancing shoes. These days, belly dancing has become popular. With the clinking sound near your belly, this dance lets you swing into the rhythm.

Whichever way you may choose to unleash your summer energies, remember to keep yourself in tip-top shape. Energizing healthy foods and refreshing pure drinks provide one bold step towards a healthier you to enjoy a fun and active summer. (

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