Against the odds

Jade Ecleo’s victory on becoming the Vice-Governor of Dinagat Islands is an example of the ability of people to rise from the ashes and survive the obstacles and hardships of the 2010 elections. Jade wanted to take the gubernatorial seat again to have continuity for her projects for the Dinagatnons. However, out of respect for her mother who wanted to run as governor, she opted to run for vice governor instead.

For the benefit of those outside of the Dinagat Islands, the Ecleo dynasty began during 1965.This would make it seem that Jade’s mere running should guarantee a victory because of her family’s great influence. But this time around, she was alone financially and morally. Not to mention that running against her own family was nerve-wracking in itself. However, despite these challenges, the people’s voices were heard and she won. What kept her strong throughout the moments when she felt alone was her faith. If she had given in to fear, she would have never won the battle.

Vice Governor Jade Ecleo opted to have her Oathtaking Ceremony at Loreto, the oldest community in Dinagat Islands where she won by landslide. It was presided by Judge Leonora R. Edera.

By the way, Jade will be the guest performer of Dingdong Avanzado and Rachel Alejandro in their concert on Aug. 7 at Metrobar West Ave. She is also set to do a concert on Oct. 9 at Surigao Gym to launch her album. Another concert to launch her album in Manila will be held on Oct. 16 in Metrobar. (MB)

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