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PNP, AFP belie claims of success by NPA

Butuan City (July 2) -- The Philippine National Police (PNP) and the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) belies earlier claims of success by the New People's Army (NPA) who in their press release said they were able to elude government troops without suffering any casualty.

The NPA claimed to have conducted successful tactical offensives last June 28 against authorities in Dapa and Siargao Island, Surigao del Norte as a supposed act to defend the people against exploitation and oppression.

Joint accomplishments of the PNP and AFP revealed that 12 NPA terrorists were killed during clearing and pursuit operations, 25 were seriously wounded and 15 were captured.

During said operations, four high-powered firearms, one pistol, seven improvised landmines, several communication equipment and lots of ammunitions of different calibers were recovered by PNP and AFP personnel. Several firearms were also reportedly thrown into the sea in a hasty withdrawal by the NPA as police and military troops advanced.

PNP Caraga Police Director PCSupt Jaime Milla, also contradicted claims of the NPA that their attacks to municipal police stations is an act to defend the people against exploitation and oppression.

"What the NPA is doing is contrary to their supposed claim that it is an act to defend the people against exploitation and oppression," General Milla said.

"The NPA ransacked not only police stations but government offices in Dapa and General Luna as well. They harassed ordinary citizens and stole office equipment and properties like computers. They destroyed important telecommunications sites, which are vital in the affected municipalities especially when emergencies occur. They blatantly violate the laws of the land and place matters on their own hands," General Milla explains.

PNP reports disclosed that there's always chaos to places where there are rebels harboring.

In their press release they stated "the NPA are criminals – we call them criminals because they easily kill a person without giving due process of law. What will happen to our homeland if the rebels continue in sowing terror? What progress or improvement we can expect? We cannot afford to let these criminals continue in their actions and they don't deserve the support of the community, they just only give false hope."

The PNP further stated that, "the New People's Army is not a better judge on what is right and wrong. Their ways and strategies bring chaos and havoc to the citizenry especially that they do not submit to the laws. They steal the future of the youth and deprive them of living the good and successful lives that they should have. As a result, they damage families and destroy properties."

The PNP also revealed in their press release "it is not Justice that the New People's Army are fighting for, but in truth… their thrust is violence and fear as a way to control the people". (PNP-13/PIA-Caraga)


Anonymous said...

has media confirmed these 12 npas killed & 15 captured in fire fights in claver?

Anonymous said...

we havent receivd any confirmations..

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