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Cebu Pacific flies Siargao

Low-fare airline Cebu Pacific (CEB) will start flying directly from Cebu to Siargao on March 4, providing travelers from the Visayas and Mindanao regions easy access to internationally-renowned surfing sites.

The airline will re-open Siargao airport with a thrice weekly service: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, sparing travelers to the surfing destination a three-hour bus ride and ferry from Surigao City, Surigao del Norte. CEB is the only airline flying this route.

Last March 3, CEB also started a thrice weekly direct service between Cebu and Dumaguete, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

The lowest available year-round ‘Go Lite’ fare for Cebu-Siargao and Cebu-Dumaguete starts from P1,188 and P688, respectively.

Candice Iyog, CEB VP for marketing and distribution, said, “The country has so many world-class natural attractions. Cebu Pacific strives to provide ample and convenient access to these sites in order to encourage tourist arrivals and economic development in these destinations.”

CEB will further intensify its Cebu hub operations by expanding its Cebu-Ozamiz service from four times weekly to a daily service. The airline will also increase its Cebu-Cagayan de Oro service from 28 times weekly to 36 times weekly, with the help of an additional Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday evening service.

The airline is also offering a Manila-Siargao connection via Cebu. The lowest available ‘Go Lite’ through fare for this route starts from P2,188.

CEB continues to be the largest airline operating from Mactan Cebu International Airport. From Cebu, it flies to 19 domestic destinations and four international cities.

Now on its 13th year, CEB continues to have the youngest aircraft fleet in the Philippines, comprised of 11 Airbus A320, 10 Airbus A319, and seven ATR 72-500.

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غير معرف يقول...

Thank You! Thank you! Cebu Pacific, also to who ever involved to made this possible special Thanks to Mayor of G.L. Ping Espejon I know you work hard for this to make it happen. This means a lot to the Local residence of Siargao, Tourists, business owner. The price is so reasonable even our local College Student in Cebu is easily can afford this. This is a dream come thru,

What is this mean in Siargao Economic growth? Huge! This flight will change tremendous, Let just say this is the beginning of our success in Siargao. Transportation is the mean reason of tourist infrastructures, now will see change slowly but we will get there.

غير معرف يقول...

Thanks to Mayor of G.L. Ping Espejon????

hello... dli kaha c Mayor nag naningkamot dha. kundi c congressman MATUGAS, cxa man labyo sa Siargao Island. ayaw2x mo taka-taka pasalamat sa Mayor, kay waya jaon kwarta,. agad ra cja sa Congressman, sanan mukhang pera c Mayor, walang projects cxa kuman, lantawa kung unsa man kagana ang GL kuman, kayaot man sa ija pamalakal. mas gana kung c Congressman MATUGAS pa, lingas jud tanan. pati ang Cebu Pacific, cja nag paabot sa SAyak. naningkamot cja para sa mga Siargaonon,. mao ini ang tinuod na SIargaonon. matabangonon. ug kaubotan na congressman sa siargao. jaon mayor sa GL, ajw na njo butohi c ESPEJON ky kwarta apas nja. hanap kta ng mayor na tawu una sa tanan. MATUGAS kta kuman 2010. para mogana pa ang siargao. salamat sa tanan mga igsoon q mga siargaonon. Salig Og Laum. 2010

غير معرف يقول...

First thing first, who ever making bad comments about the mayor of gl you are such an ignorant and idiot, get the facts first; base on the tone of your comments you don’t know anything better but defensive for nothing to depend, it measured up what level of education you reach, equivalent to first grade level.

The mayor of gl did a lot of talking and promoting about gl, he know what gl has to offer to the tourist, because of his experience and expertise this is what he is good for, regarding money what are you taking about, Neither our local politician don’t put up no money in Siargao Airport its come from us tax payer money, its an earmark of our government. What is earmark means? It means a project of our government.

What has G.L. change in our new Mayor? A Lot of promotion for surfing, entry for senulog promoting surfing this is huge deal, a lot of G.l. activities during fiesta and surfing seasons, cleanliness of gl. You could of, would of, and should have been proud of what g.l. has become. Instead you are not part of the solution you become part of the problem.

Just (F.Y.I.) for your information; Mayor Ping is a former residence of U.S.A. he have a good job when he was in U.S. making million more time what he is making now as a mayor. His salary as a mayor is just equal to 10 centavos what his makes in U.S., he left U.S.A just to served to his hometown, knowing he would make a lot less money as a Mayor. You do the math he make millions in U.S. an he make 10 centavos as a Mayor, and your telling me his a money hungry? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out. you as a first grade level can figure this.

The only thing I agree with you is about Matugas, Yes he is good for Siargao! No question about that. Matugas is kind a hero of G.L. growing up in gl, I saw what a different of Siargao, remember the road of g.l to Dapa it used to be muddy and rocky, when he was a governor in Surigao del Norte that was change. Now it’s concrete, this is big deal of us. Of course this is ad to the chapter of Matugas administration a credit regarding this flight to Siargao. But a lot of people involve. As I said before thanks to whom get involved to make this possible. Yes I’m a huge supporter of Matugas because I know he is good for Siargao.

My advice to you;

1. If someone makes a positive remarks try to respect it.
2. Remember your view has a different view with others. Always get the facts first.
3. Before making comments make sure you know exactly what are you talking
4. Don’t make allegation that at the end it come back to you; and you more look like an idiots
5. This is a good site to express, be more respectful be careful for the worlds your using. It might bury you to a deeper hole.

I have try to used small words so you can understand better, cause base upon your comments you measure up as first grade level.

غير معرف يقول...

aq isig taga siargao man, naningkamot kami na mogana ang GL. dli sa mayor na wala klaro, tanan kami dri sa GL, para makakwarta, tagwaya naman hinuon ni MAYOR ang bbq taga gabie, biskan na amo jaon amo kinabuhi pagkagabie para malutas kami sa pagtanom ng palay ug mangisda sa lawud taga buntag ug hapon. unta makatabang cja sa amo mga trabaho, tagaan kmi nja biskan sari-sari store rkan basta makatabang sa amo pamilya. sanan kuman, c MAYOR hapit naman election, dli na kmi boto sa ija,. sayang ra boto sa ija. nakita ku naman kng uno kagana kung lahi nasab ang mayor dinhe sa GL. hinaot naka mobalik tanan tawu sa ato lumon. dli kng gkan sa USA. Salig Og Laum 2010 kta kuman. mabuhay ang mga GLnon.

غير معرف يقول...

I respect your comments and prostration how you think the mayor took away the bbq business where that’s how you make of living. Let me explain to you, just to make the record straight to the public. The mayor did not take away the bbq stand, it was the Health Department who order to take away the bbq stand. It just happen to be on his administration when they pass an order ( Health Department an nagsugo) in the reason is not good for kids health; that the customer of bbq business just (ihi and malibang just in the playground of the elementary school. Don’t blame it to the mayor. It don’t matter kon sin-o an mayor in G.L. the health department is ganna take that away kay, mabaho sa studyante and ehi and tae nan customer.
So, Besan sin-o an Mayor na mo ingkod sa G.L. waya-on gajod jadto nan Health Department sa karajawan na health nan mga bata sa school.

Here’s the possibility on how you could stay the bbq stand where the Health Department will let you have it.
1. You have to move in different place were 1 km from school
2. You have to provide decent toilet facilities to the customer
3. Your bbq stand has to be always clean; just like Dajon Restaurant.

These are pretty much what the requirement of Health Department; any mayor cannot place you or anybody. kon imo raman kaugalingon an imo tag tan-awa how about an karajawan nan mga bata sa school. Na nag antos sila nan kabaho sa ihi og tai kada adlaw x2 moeskuyla sila. Beside everyone has to follow the law of health department it’s for your good means.

It sounds to me like your mind is set, want the old mayor back! That’s your opinion I respect that; I have nothing against the old mayor; however he never went out the country so he have no idea how to promote our tourism; nor how to treat them knowing this tourist is bringing us uplifted life.

1. He should focus on the tourism security so they well come back again.
2. G.L. should always clean, just to show the tourist we care for them.
3. A lot of complaint of stilling in our tourist he should take action on those
4. Promote G.L. tourism; to any part of the country and the world.
These are the factors on what i see he done nothing on his administration.

These are the new I notice;

1. G.L. is Clean
2. A lot of promotion anywhere everywhere in website or in a magazine
3. More activities on our fiesta that just added attraction to our tourism
4. It seems like new mayor listen to the complaint of our tourism especially in security and stilling.
5. He communicates to our resort and restaurant owner especially to local and foreigner. Added more business open on his administration.
6. He is very approachable and listens to any suggestion; and he doesn’t want any special treatment because he is a mayor he just want to treat like us.
7. Our higher up politician did not support to his administration because of party differences he try the best he can
9. Try to accommodate employment for whose whom willing to work

These are the good factors for new Mayor.

I Think old mayor was there for long period of time; its time for new that can show us different strategic to run g.l., the new mayor brought us a lot of change; but you don’t see it just because your mind is set to support to the old mayor. You seem to be very education person; give him a chance; if you have any suggestion go talk to him; I knew his open minded and approachable personalities he will listen to your suggestion;
Change can’t happen overnight; and it won’t happen by itself; it will take an effort from the top to the bottom; means from the Leaders to the follower. Suggestion is the best key of change.

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