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DSWD's Tindahan Natin Project assisted 34,827 families in Surigao Norte

Some 34, 827 families have benefited from the Tindahan Natin outlets established throughout the province.

Latest report from the Provincial Social Welfare & Development Office (PSWDO) revealed that it has already set up around 206 outlets provincewide.

The Tindahan Natin program is a hunger-mitigation project jointly implemented by the National Food Authority (NFA) and the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) for poor families’ access to cheaper rice and noodles and other staple food. The program is part of President Arroyo’s commitment in her recent State of the Nation Address (SONA) to alleviate poverty in the country.

All Tindahan Natin outlets were distributed in the municipalities based on the economic status and need of the communities and are generally found in depressed communities. They sell basic food items like rice and noodles at prices lower than those in regular retail outlets.

“The good thing about this Tindahan Natin Outlet is that it also provides jobs and livelihood to those who are engaged in the grains business,” said Mrs. Rosemarie Catelo, PSWDO of the province.

To date, the province has 206 operational Tindahan Natin outlets, of this number, 39 are funded by DSWD while 167 outlets are self-funded. Each DSWD-funded operator loaned Php 20,000 from DSWD in the form of goods (rice). As of February 2009, a total of P518, 520.70 were already given to the beneficiaries of Surigao del Norte. (PIA-Surigao del Norte)


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