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SEA-K program benefits 785 Surigaonons

The Self-Employment Assistance Kaunlaran (SEA-K) Program currently implemented in the province has changed the lives of less fortunate Surigaonons thru micro-enterprise.

According to Mrs. Rosemarie Catelo, Provincial Social Welfare Officer of the province, the said program is a community based credit assistance launched in 1996 by the Department of Social Welfare and Development using the people's organizations to be uniformly called SEA-Kaunlaran Groups or Associations as credit channels.

The initial amount granted ranges from Php 4,000.00 – Php 5,000.00 with a maximum amount of Php 100,000.00 depending on the project they are going to engage with, without interest. Beneficiaries are engaged in different skills like broom making, bagoong making, piggery, buy and sell, batya making, fishing, tinapa making, as well as bakery, sari-sari store, and carinderia.

Catelo revealed that 785 beneficiaries from the 16 municipalities of the province have availed of the said program.

With this number of beneficiaries, reports revealed that the total amount given as of February 2009 has reached to Php 5,399,650.00. And this fund has been distributed to the different municipalities, to wit: Malimono received Php 200,000.00 with 45 beneficiaries, San Francisco received Php 375,000.00 with 75 beneficiaries, Alegria received Php 357,000.00 with 75 beneficiaries, Tubod received Php 393,300.00 with 80 beneficiaries, Mainit received Php 1,224,350.00 with 250 beneficiaries, Tagana-an received Php 700,000.00 with 155 beneficiaries, Placer received Php 775,000.00 with 165 beneficiaries, Bacuag received Php 600,000.00 with 150 beneficiaries, Gigaquit received Php 200,000.00 with 50 beneficiaries, Claver received Php 150,000.00 with 30 beneficiaries, Sison received Php 425,000.00 with 85 beneficiaries, Dapa received Php 1,100, 000.00 with 225 beneficiaries, Burgos received Php 50,000.00 with 20 beneficiaries, Sta. Monica received Php 200,000.00 with 40 beneficiaries, Socorro received Php 500,000.00 with 110 beneficiaries, and Pilar received Php 575,000.00 with 115 beneficiaries.

With this amount, it has helped around hundreds of families to suffice their needs, she added. (PIA-Surigao del Norte)


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