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Casurra not shaken by political noises

City Mayor and congressional wannabe Alfonso S. Casurra is not in any way shaken by political noises that “he will be facing an iron wall”, after he filed his certificate of candidacy as an aspirant for congress in district II before the office of the Commission on Elections exactly 8:00 o’clock of November 28, the day feng shui experts say a lucky day for 2010 hopefuls.

Political pretenders had earlier claimed nobody could match the advantage enjoyed by incumbent Cong. Jun Romarate, who is considered to be one of the country’s wealthiest solons. But Naciolista Party – where Casurra belongs – strategists believe that Casurra has fair chances of winning the tricky political game.

In this battle, Casurra is perceived to be the underdog. But Filipinos are known to love the underdogs. This mentality is attributed to the popularity of TV soap operas and dramas that feature rags-to-riches and Cinderella stories.

Besides, observations reveal that Casurra can level the playing field considering his outstanding track record in local governance, plus the support from various cause-oriented groups, religious sectors, and the business community which strongly support his candidacy.

The City of Surigao is considered by many as “Casurra country” inasmuch as he has been serving in this city as mayor for three and a half terms. This is not to include the fact that he was a three-termer in the city council. Moreover, before he had an illustrious career as a lawyer.

His outstanding government service is something that any Surigaonon can be proud of. Being voted as the Outstanding City Mayor of the Philippines in 2006 is a tough act to follow.

Many observers, however, said that Casurra’s decision to face incumbent Congressman Romarate in district II congressional battle is much more challenging compared to his past opponents – including the late political legend Goding Sering, whom he beat in 2001 mayoralty race.

It is only him, an undefeated politician in Surigao, who can match the political machinery and clout of incumbent congressman Romarate, observers said.

If not all, at least majority of Surigaonon businessmen have signified support for Mayor Pons’ congressional bid as they want better representation for the mainland constituents.

While they have nothing against Romarate, they said, Casurra is more suited to the legislative seat since he is a lawyer and a tested political leader.

Cause-oriented groups perceive that Casurra can carry on an ideal kind of leadership in congress since he has shown outstanding performance in his tenure as city mayor of Surigao. (Natz Corbeta, Island Post)

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