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Infant treated for burns after falling into frying pan

Doctors in a hospital in Surigao City are now rushing to save the life of a seven-month-old baby who suffered serious burns after falling into a frying pan.

The female infant suffered second-degree burns in the face and half of her body, after her mother accidentally dropped her into the pan, a report on dzXL radio said.

The mother said she was carrying the girl when she lost her grip and the child fell into the kitchen implement.

Neighbors rushed the child to the Caraga Regional Training Hospital for treatment. - RJAB Jr., GMANews.TV


Anonymous said...

First of all, i don't have anything against the mother, and i feel really sorry for the baby, but my gosh!!!! how in the world the baby fall into a hot frying pan? Was the frying pan in the kitchen floor? how the heck could a mother loose a grip while carrying a 7 month old baby? Was she carrying the baby and at the same time holding the frying pan? Well, whatever the case maybe, it doesnt look good, and there's something wrong with the picture? Can anyone see that picture? (use your thinking cap). I hope the baby will recover alright from the burns, I hate for that to happen. I wondered how the caraga hospital dealt with that case, not to put them down, but got so many complain regarding visits to caraga hospital, not only that it's very unsanitary but also staffs seemed to be unskillful when it comes to patient care. I hope caraga hospital will get a good budget to promote more training, more modernize equipments, adequate skilled staffs to be able to create a safe, friendly and quality of care to patients who comes from all walks of life.

concerned citizen

Anonymous said...

This is a wake up call for the director of that hospital. He has to find out what is going on under his nose. This hospital is goverment owned so you know already the budget is limited and the politicians does not care. So it is up to us citizens of surigao to voice our concerns so the politicians especially our newly elected mayor , governor and congressman are aware of this problem maybe they can do something to solve this problem that has been going on for so long.In other words clean up the place and the inept officials that run it.Maybe it is time for change.

Anonymous said...

Poor Dinagat Island, governed by incompetent leaders come from this cult since!

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