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Housing Project: Mayor Nitoy's Gift to City Hall Employees

The Honorable City Mayor Ernesto T. Matugas revealed his plan to put up a Housing Project for City Hall Employees during Monday’s flag raising ceremony last August 9, 2010.

ETM hopes that city hall employees will avail of this project. Mayor Nitoy said, the site of this project is located at the back of the Surigao City Integrated Bus and Jeepney Terminal in Brgy. Luna, this city.

The feature of this housing project is among other provides a very minimal amortization per unit and affordable up to the lowest paid city employees. (Flor Pacleb)


Anonymous said...

Very interesting!!...why a "gift"? not as a quid-pro-quo i hope... besides, what did the employees do to be given this previlege only now? looking at the picture , it seems like the employees in the background where meted a life or death sentence instead of clapping their hands (heads bowed down and arms either clasped in front or in their backs) secondly, when it's a "gift", shouldn't it be free? just wondering...also, with the new mayor - as i was told is an engineer? -i hope the site will not just be developed haphazardly with the likes of the subdivisions that mushroomed in clusters around surigao with no pre-conceived planning (i'm talking about sewer and sewage systems, water and power, standardized two- lane roadways on either side with sidewalks and avenues/access, future traffic bottlenecks, etc.) of course for a development like this, price becomes an issue, as the saying goes "you can't have champagne on a beer budget" so i hope, just hope, that the new mayor will come to terms in "worthy" projects (like) for the quiet heroes that work in the background of city hall and make this as a showcase for others to follow the lead, or again, just the same, i am talking to a four-walled room and hear nothing but echoes of my rantings....

Anonymous said...

A gift is something you give for free, is this the case? Or you still have to pay.

They should find other locations and make barangay Luna, a business centre.

Anonymous said...

Okay, people now there’s a project coming from our Government you guys start bitching, what is this “dumb if you do and dumb if you don’t” I understand your criticism just please use it in constructive way. The project Is not started yet is just a concept to operation but your comments is discouraging if you don’t support our government then its okay that’s your rights, but don’t’ bitch when you see something going on plan for the people.

On the other hand, who ever wrote this news is wrong and deceiving, cause they are right a gift is free, so hopefully this is free where they done have to pay back for it…., News writer, media. Remember we are now in a new era we tell the truth; the true meaning of what words mean. Not to deceive people pretending far from reality. If you don’t know the meaning of GIFT then you should not be a writer, your not doing your job. You should be fired from writing, find another job…., I’m sure there’s a lot of good writer in the country who need a job.

Anonymous said...

Hey, this is not about bitching. When a politician says its a gift, theres a phrase that applies, theres no such thing as something for nothing. As you know, politicians never give anything for free unless hes a good politician.

Anonymous said...

HMMMM...it seems like someone is quick to defend what was otherwise a "rejoinder" ...it's a pity that the only way you can post anything to this blog is write it as a 'comment' per se, and not to be construed as criticism, is like walking a tight rope..if the initial comment (absolutely not a salvo) that i authored bore some hints of criticism, i beg to disagree, as nothing on the theme of the wording conjured an iota of a malicious remark, but instead, a useful tool to add-on, even ignore if it wants to, to what would otherwise be a worthwhile project the mayor is trying to envision.... if offering these (remarks) makes it offensive then it is safe to say that any endeavor that is planned is to the whims of the planner and is perfect in every sense of the word...too bad, people tend to be onion-skinned when they attain some sublime stature, and, not knowing the kind of job they are into...besides, with due respect to the media contributor/writer, it is his/her duty to rectify the report and be more accurate next time or perhaps, just perhaps, that was what the mayor has alluded to which the writer may have obviously or not knowingly "jumped-the gun" to be ahead of other media practitioners...who are vying for a NEWS scoop!!...
my only advice - though you don't need one i suppose - is to keenly observe before you cry out ill feelings towards others for, "I" for one, is not a great fan of criticizing, much less, go down to that level of "binata-bata' na lalis... mind you, or to be more prudent, it does not help anything at all !!! Lastly, choose your words carefully, accurately and meticulously it might bounce back to you in more ways than one!

Anonymous said...

what happened to my 'dumb if you do, dumb if you don't' comment? ... and who's dumb? Once again this language/phrase has a totally different meaning to "damn! if you do, damn! if you don't", where another anonymous commenter was trying to drive at. the irony of it all, is , it makes the (mayor)planner look as he's the one! instead of the other way around.One thing to point out, DAMNATION where the word damn is/was derived at is a frustation after the fact act. Hello!!, you may want to be careful with your comment as you might hurt whom you're defending instead of helping/justifying...and don't be harsh with media practitioners who are also trying to earn a living like everyone elses', aren't you glad it makes "Surigao Today" Blog Lively?! Who's perfect??

Anonymous said...

The Housing project itself is a gift to the city employees. But the Houses are not free. The author of this article didn't make it very clear and the title is misleading.

I already criticize development of entire area in brgy, luna, because it was many years ago rice farm land. but the city zoning made it into residential, in low land prone to flooding. also rice land is protected by ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER NO. 363 but totally ignored by previous government

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