Two hurt in bloody land dispute in Surigao City

Two people were wounded after a decades-old land dispute involving known families in this southern Philippine city reportedly triggered a gun fight between two armed groups Sunday.

Surigao City policemen arrested several suspects allegedly involved in the shooting incident that took place at Sitio Gayas in Barangay Sabang 3.

The police report claimed that two groups, reportedly from the Vasquez and Coleto clans, all allegedly armed, arrived in the area almost noon Sunday and a gun fight ensued within minutes. It was not clear yet which group fired first.

The police said the Coleto group was allegedly composed of Gil Martinez Coleto III, Gil Vasquez Coleto Jr., and Emmanuel Ranque Brazon.

The Vasquez group, on the other hand, was allegedly composed of Luis Quintana Vasquez, Philip Arpilleda Vasquez and Alexis Caha Vasquez, the police added.

Those wounded were Luis Quintana Vasquez, 59, who sustained four gunshot wounds while Gil Martinez Coleto, 32 years old, sustained a gunshot wound on his lower abdomen.

The firearms and ammunitions reportedly found in Coleto's group were: a .45 caliber Colt pistol, a magazine with six live ammunitions, and a "ten shooters" magazine with six live ammunitions.

Those allegedly found in Vasquez's group were: shells for caliber .45 pistol, a Smith and Wesson Magnum 357, six live ammunitions and eight shells of caliber .40 pistol.

Police said the suspects are now detained at Surigao City Police Station while cases are being prepared for filing in court against both parties. – BS, VVP, GMANews.TV


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