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Surigao Banker Kidnapping now Enters 76 Days; PNP Asks Public’s Help

Missing until now with the family still elusive to newsmen in the updates of their public postings for P2-M reward for anyone or group who can return him home safely, the kidnapping of Surigao banker Johnson Custodio Cuiting now enter into its 76-day today after he was kidnapped in his home in Surigao City last January 7.

The Philippine National Police Caraga Regional Police Office who is beset with so many problems including series of NPA attacks and burning of private properties worth millions, robberies and other petty crimes related to worsening economic crisis have called for public’s help in the Cuiting abduction case.

Labor groups lambasted the labor department regional office in Caraga Region for allegedly doing nothing on the worsening unemployment problems in the region that allegedly forced many unemployed to resort to alleged criimianl acts just to survive.

Caraga Police Regional Director Chief Supt. Jaime Elorita Milla in a press statement released by PNP regional information office have called on the public to report to any nearby police stations any sightings of the victim with his abductors or any information leading to whereabouts of the Filipino-Chinese businessman.

Filipino-Chinese Surigao Banker Johnson Custodio Cuiting immediate family members in Surigao City have raised to P2-M from earlier P200,000 cash reward for any lead information and P2-M for his safe return alive.

Last January 7, 2009, at about 9:45 p.m., Cuiting was abducted by four fully-armed Tagalog speaking suspects but are actually Visayan due to their accents, wearing black jackets, ski-mask and gloves inside the trader’s home at Ceniza Heights Subdivision, Barangay Caniog, Surigao City.

Police said the suspects waited for the arrival of couple Johnson and wife, Dr. Bliss Dingal Cuiting boarding their white Toyota Hi-Lux bearing plate number KDL 969 at the gate of their palatial home situated at the secluded portion of the Ceniza Heights Subdivision.

When the couple arrived and the gates opened, the waiting suspects immediately poked their guns at the couple then joined the victims in entering their home and once inside, the suspects poked their guns to all household members of the couple and ordered to gather all together and started confiscating all mobile phones.

Cuiting’s household member Marilyn Hermina A. Biol, 42, married and a nurse told police she heard unusual commotion and when she tried to verify suspects pointed a firearm to her.

She claimed the suspects tied all the Cuiting household members identified later as Sheryl Cabiling and Marichelle Tutur (both are caregivers) and Cuiting’s wife, Dr. Bliss Dingal Cuiting with nylon cord and gagged their mouths with clothes.

It was then the suspects started robbing all their valuable items such as assorted jewelries amounting to P500-T. cash money amounting to nearly P500-T, wallet containing 500.00, credit cards, I-pod amounting to 15,000.00, ATM cards.

The trader’s personal hand gun, a caliber .40 Amscor brand and his cellular phone 73 Nokia brand were also taken by the suspects.

A high-end model mobile phone owned by DR. Bliss Cuiuting Dingal, , N70 Nokia brand mobile phone owned by Marlyn Hermina and two cellphones owned by Sheryl Cabiling and Marichelle Tutor were also taken by the suspects.

After taking all valuable items in sight, the suspects stuffed Cuiting inside his own vehicle the while Toyota Hi-lux used earlier by the couple and sped away.

Police who conducted manhunt operations later found the vehicle abandon by the kidnappers along the highway in Barangay Sibog some nine kilometers away from Surigao City. (Ben Serrano)

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This is very sad;for anyone go thru to this ordel;but the fact is 99 % of the kidnap is killed with in a week, unless they ask for ransum. I pray for the family, God Bless You.

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