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Lakas-Kampi-CMD Surigao ticket bared

Two reelectionist congressmen, a retired regional director of the Department of Education (DepEd) and an engineer who is the president of a corporation engaged in constructing and developing housing projects lead the powerhouse ticket of Lakas-Kampi-CMD in Surigao del Norte and Surigao City in the May 10, 2010 pollsas shown in the list of candidates delivered to the Law Department of the Commission on Elections (Comelec) by the Provincial Election Supervisor in Surigao de Norte pursuant to en banc Resolution No. 8678.

Rep. Francisco T. Matugas is Lakas-Kampi-CMD bet in the first district of Surigao del Norte, while Rep. Guillermo Romarate is running for reelection in the province’s second district congressional seat.

An undefeated governor of Surigao del Norte before he became a lawmaker, Matugas, a lawyer, is considered the strongest bet that could be put up by Lakas-Kampi-CMD in the province’s first district while Romarate will be hard to beat since his reelection bid is supported by nine of the 10 town mayors in the province and by majority of barangay officials. (E.T. Suarez, MB)



Anonymous said...

Not sure exactly how to react, im a big supporter of Dr. Sol Matugas since i pretty know her well what kind of person is she, but all the matugas? is this another political dynasty like the barbers.

Anonymous said...

Cong. Lalo Matugas is afraid to face Gov. Ace Barbers since we knew how Gov. Ace loved by Surigaonons. Instead of facing Gov. Barbers for Governor and then he will surely loss he opted to run again as Congressman and face Banjo and let his wife face Gov. Ace just to show that they have the candidate..She is a casulaty candidate.

Anonymous said...

why be afraid of a small boy who was hiding behind his fathers shadow for a long time, banking on previous connections...and most of all "pa pogi ra pirme"...Dont be misled by those sweet smiles , there's a blood running in his veins of a known "karaan na bugoy nan surigao"...

Anonymous said...


How are you? Sol Matugas has better credentials than the present governor of surigao del norte. The record speaks for it self. She deserves to be governor of the province of surigao del norte as well. Ok?....cheers!

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