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Dynamite blast cuts off fisherman’s arms

A local fisherman was rushed to a hospital after being caught with a dynamite blast that ripped and cut off his arms. The incident happened at the seawaters off Brgy. Union in Dapa, Surigao del Norte.

The victim was identified by local folks as a certain Benjie Dumanjog, a resident also of Brgy. Union, Dapa.

It was learned that Dumanjog along with two unidentified companions referred to only as John Does went fishing on June 17, 2010, Thursday few kilometers away from the said barangay with the use of dynamite.

When he threw the said explosive into the sea, the rope which was tied on an iron bar where the explosive was attached, got entangled and, within a few seconds, the dynamite went off cutting both arms of the victim.

A companion of Dumanjog was reportedly unscathed while the other one was hit with shrapnels all over his face and body as a result of the explosion.

The two unidentified companions of Dumanjog are now hiding to avoid possible police investigations and future legal sanctions arising out from the said incident.

Local folks revealed that dynamite fishing and illegal fishing are rampant not just in Brgy. Union in Dapa town but all over Siargao Islands as well.

Even minors are into the said activity.

A certain James (not his real name) admitted that he was involved in dynamite fishing since he was nine years old. He is now 15 years old.

Incidents like this in the area are not uncommon. Every year, reports on fishermen with severed limbs or deaths caused by dynamite fishing are part of routine statistics. (Roel Catoto/Super Banat)

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