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Socorro's De Oro Farmers Org announces continued stay on conventional farming

People are engorging on a binge that worn out the energy of the agriculture industry. We are traversing on a trend which, in part, has made those who stay in the turf of conventional farming cry in exasperation on how their farming career stood in the brink of disintegration.We are not going to depart further but we are talking here about how in the world organic farming may cripple a portion of farming industry. Undeniably, the cause of going green is so laudable that it should let prominent names be echoed in all corners of the earth. But there is just this part of the whole picture which experiences an emotional outburst – those who are in conventional farming. They are affected because the call of pulling off from conventional farming endangers not only their survival and those of their children but also of the part of the population which cannot afford on the luxury of organic foods.

Going organic has become a catchcry now that the country has turned hedonistic. Many people are shifting to organic foods for healthy reasons. For those who are less in life, however, buying organic stuff in the market is a luxury. Understandably, the hands of those who are into organic farming are getting rough too. Conventional farmers, on the other hand, have in all certainty worked before organic farmers are born on the innards of the land. Today, those who are into the organic farming are having a prospect of raising an unfavorable hoopla against those in conventional farming. This has become a reason why the morale of those who are into this method of farming such as De Oro farmers declined markedly.

Had not been because the officers of De Oro Farmers Association, Inc. have maintained an optimistic attitude to stand for the rest of the poor populace, it would have surrendered easily as it once stood on the brink of disintegration. After being in existence for nearly 2 decades, de oro has given the people of the island municipality of Socorro, Surigao del Norte a breathtaking perspective of community shared agriculture, that is, communal farming. Its voice may, in the fold of years, remain unheard nevertheless the thought of having said something is resounding enough for it to yell in jubilation that it has in fact aired what its members feel in respect to the issue. It chooses not to become a victim of someone else’s ideological enthusiasm and wishes to dig out a hole for everybody to see how in the world can conventional farming save lives rather than exterminate the human population.

De Oro Conventional Farmers have sketched out its own vision to maintain a real stand in staying with conventional farming rather than doing some striking shifts away from it. It may be considered a little held back in the analysis of those who are on organic cause but it looks for real rather than a mere chimerical opportunity to help the less fortunate part of the population who cannot afford an organic lifestyle. This may be interpreted by many as an overly act of reacting at things but the thought of a total shift hits De Oro with greater force. It may receive only a sparse support from the rest but it rather chooses to make a stand rather than live in the deep stupor of doing nothing and voicing not a single word. (De Oro Farmers Association, Inc.)

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