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Etrike starts running in Surigao

The eco-friendly electric tricycle of Etrike started running in this city.

With the growing concern over noise and air pollution, the city government on Wednesday encouraged transportation owners to use this eco-friendly electric tricycle.

The Etrike runs 80 kilometers in just one charging, it was also learned.

“Aside being environment-friendly, this Etrike is very cheap,” said Surigao City Mayor Alfonso Casurra.

The initial running of Etrike here was during the 112th Independence Day celebration where thousands of Surigaonons witnessed the launching.

Surigao is the first city in Mindanao to use this alternative mode of environment-friendly, economical and sustainable transport, the battery-operated Etrike, it was gathered.

The Etrike can accommodate eight people, more than the usual capacity of the regular motorized tricycle.

This new technology was recently turned over by the British Embassy in Manila to the city government here as part of a project by the Islas Ecology Development Advocacy (ISDA) Foundation to push for an alternative mode of public transport that is not only eco-friendly but also economically viable.

British Embassy representative and Climate Change Attaché Angela Ibay personally handed over the keys of the Etrike to the mayor.

1 comment:

SurigaononAko said...

How much does an etrike cost?

How many hours do you charge it?

How many e-trikes are currently running in Surigao?

Is it still at the testing phase or is it available to anyone who is interested in getting a tricycle franchise ?

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